The DAM Lowdown is back with: Latest News from Widen, Box.Net Secures Even More Funding, Taxonomies Grow in Popularity, Daydream Offers Advice on Choosing DAM Consultants, DAM Stew and the Twitter Shout-out of the Week.

Latest News from Widen

Service Challenge

Last year, DAM Lowdown regular Widen threw down the "SaaSification Gauntlet" and invited its competitors to participate in a customer service survey. Surveying customers is nothing new -- in fact, many companies use customer feedback to inform bonus structures. However, opening the process up to the competition exudes confidence (or insanity).

Widen is back this year to survey its customers, again inviting its competition to participate. And yet, with the participation from competing vendors being ZERO, Widen has shortened the survey from seven questions to one. I know at least one vendor out there has the courage to answer the challenge from Widen.

12 New Companies Choose Widen in Q3 of 2011

Widen's new customers include:

  • An international jewelry wholesaler
  • A leader in interactive whiteboards
  • A leader in the daily deal marketing space
  • An Ivy league university
  • One of the largest nonprofit medical practices in the world

Widen on YouTube

I have linked to and included Widen's videos in the Lowdown before. Here is a link to the YouTube channel so you can see them all in one place.

Box.Net Secures Even More Funding

Another often covered vendor in the DAM Lowdown, Box.Net, has added another US $81 million to its already substantial stash of funding. One my favorite DAM writers, Naresh Sarwan writing at DAMNews, compares the rise of cloud-based services to the same evolution as mainframes being replaced by microcomputers.

With a total of US $162 million in funding, Box.Net can afford to ride its strategy of "just enough functionality" (a direct attack at SharePoint) to either IPO or an enormous cash-out upon acquisition. 

Taxonomies Grow in Popularity

Darin Stewart, a Research Director in the Collaboration and Content Strategies Service for Gartner, writes an excellent post about the "arrival" of taxonomies. In my opinion, the concept of taxonomy is a classic example of the "10 year overnight success." Organizations and consultants that implemented enterprise CMS and DAM early on have been talking taxonomy for years.

Only now is taxonomy mainstream.

Daydream: Advice on Choosing a DAM Consultant

Ralph Windsor, writing on the Daydream DAMBlog, offers some advice for purchasing managers in the quest to hire a consulting firm to help implement a DAM platform. Windsor answers questions like: "What is Vendor Selection?" and "Why Use a Vendor Selection Consultant?" The piece continues by addressing five problem areas when choosing a DAM consultant:

  1. Charging Vendors to Participate
  2. Lacking Deeper Knowledge
  3. Value for Money or Buying the Cheapest?
  4. Financial Conflicts of Interest
  5. Too Risk-Adverse: Reliance on "Safe Lists"

If you are starting the process of implementing a DAM platform, this piece from Daydream could save you some heartache down the road.

DAM Stew

From "Life" Comes the BBC's Digital Media Initiative

Mike Gunton, Executive Director of the Natural History Unit at the BBC, is interviewed about the Digital Media Initiative and the importance of metadata management.

Webinar Stew

North Plains offers the first of a 3-part series entitled: The DAM Foundation Series.

Canto Cumulus offers a demonstration of Web Module 3.5, a new interface for Cumulus.

Impressions from Adobe MAX 2011

Irina Guseva, Analyst for The Real Story Group (and former CMSWire staffer), attended the Adobe MAX 2011 conference in Los Angeles and spent most of her time trying to find someone to talk about DAM.

At the Core of DAM: Relational Databases

David Tenenbaum, writing on the MerlinOne Digital Asset Management Blog, discusses the unsung hero of digital asset management:  Relational Databases.

Interest in DAM from CIOs is Growing

DAM vendor ADAM Software offers a new whitepaper entitled: "Why CIOs are Increasingly Interested in DAM."

Twitter Shout-out of the Week

@davidspitz823 -- David Spitz is a Solutions Consultant for Covalent Marketing and absolutely my favorite Tweeter from Chicago.

As always, thanks for your time and attention. I will see you next week.