This week we tour DAM systems from Mesopotamia up through modern efforts to give us back control of our digital assets.

Taking Back Control of Your Digital Assets

In a Bloomberg Businessweek article, Who Do You Trust More with Your Data: Facebook or a Bank?, author Carol Matlack examines the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication's (SWIFT) effort to create a system that allows users to store and manage their own data, similar to managing their bank account funds, and giving them the ability to lend the data to companies. The idea is a response to how Facebook, Google and other companies collect and share user data for their advertisers. SWIFT says that the data-trading service won't be ready for at least five years, and a lot can happen with data privacy issues between now and then.

Picturepark 8.1.9 Announced

Picturepark rolled out version 8.1.9, the latest release of the Swiss company's DAM solution. Picturepark 8.1.9 includes multi-tenant capabilities, support for multiple languages and rights management control for taxonomy structures, metadata fields and user groups.

Symantec Buys LiveOffice

Symantec Corp. purchased LiveOffice for a reported US$ 115 million. With LiveOffice, Symantec’s hosted archiving OEM partner for Enterprise, Symantec will add a cloud-based messaging protection solution to its information security and management solutions offerings.

Symantec has been adding to its cloud storage and backup solutions. Last year, the company unveiled Enterprise and Cloud Storage for Enterprise Vault, and Instant Messaging Security cloud (, which scans messages sent and received within an organization, checking for malware and helping enforce the company's acceptable use policies. Symantec budgeted US$ 1.25 billion for acquisitions in 2011 and, with its purchase of LiveOffice, is continuing to spend in 2012.

Agility CMS Announces Broadcast Solution

Agility CMS lets users manage content across digital channels, including websites, mobile apps and social media pages from one interface. Recently, the company announced Agility Broadcast Solution, an out-of-the-box, customizable website for broadcasters in the media and entertainment industries. The new solution includes blog and newsletter functionality and also supports video and user-generated content.

5 Business Apps for DAM Integration

"A good DAM platform seamlessly integrates into top business apps, allowing you to pull images, files, and all your digital assets from your DAM and push it to other systems," writes Melissa Kelly in a recent DAM-IT! The Blog post. Kelly looks at Web CMS, enterprise CMS, CRM, CDS and social media integration solutions.

Archiving Marketing Materials With DAM Solutions

You probably understand why you should keep any and every asset that can be put to use, but do you know why you should archive the assets in your DAM system? This article explains three good reasons to keep your archives accessible by storing them with your other digital assets.

Crash Course in Classification

Before people attempted to organize their digital assets, they were classifying primitive records, including ancient Mesopotamian clay tablets that are more than 5,000 years old. A Brief History of Classification is an interesting read that takes readers from clay tablets, to the New York Times in 1858, and into modern DAM efforts.