Dropbox Connector for Picturepark Released
Picturepark announced the release of its Dropbox Connector, which integrates its digital asset management software with the popular Dropbox file sharing solution.

DAM Meets Dropbox

“By adding a professional DAM layer over Dropbox, companies and users alike can now be sure the files that appear on their mobile devices are approved, ready for release and always in the right format,” says Jacques Isler, Head of Services for Picturepark. Picturepark provides browser-based digital asset management software that's available in the cloud or on-premises.

According to Picturepark, files are synchronized to Dropbox for Teams accounts and can be shared with users, even if they don't have Picturepark accounts. Teams have access to the most recent versions of files because the files are syndicated to recipients after being updated in Picturepark. “Syndication means you don’t have to beg people to download updates,” explains David Diamond, Director of Global Marketing for Picturepark.

Dropping In to Dropbox

Dropbox recently announced that anyone can view Dropbox content without even having an account. This means that Dropbox account holders can more easily share files by linking out their images, documents or videos.

Learning Opportunities

Last month, Dropbox got an interface makeover and alsoannounced deeper integration with Facebook that allows users to invite their Facebook friends to Dropbox shared folders.

Streamlined Sharing

As it gets even easier to share files with solutions such as Dropbox, keeping files organized and updated becomes increasingly important. This is where DAM solutions integrating with file-sharing services fits in. The ability to update and sync files, which are then syndicated to teammates, will help cut down on the chaos of accessing files remotely.

Now that Picturepark has released its SDK, it will be even easier for developers to integrate the DAM system into other applications, too.