This week we plan for the upcoming Henry Stewart DAM Conferences, look at the role DAM plays for university advertising assets, check out the Picturepark SDK public release and learn how to use -- not abuse -- digital assets on websites.

Henry Stewart DAM Conferences

Henry Stewart Events has DAM Global Events scheduled in May, June, September and November. The events will be held in New York, Europe, Chicago and Los Angeles. If you're interested in presenting at one of the conferences, check out the call for papers on the event site.

Digital Asset Management Streamlines School Spirit

Last week we looked at how the Corinthian Colleges advertising team manages a digital asset library with DAM software. The team is tasked with marketing for an institution with more than 90,000 students.

In the same article, we talked with a member of the press relations office for a university in the northeast. The representative told us that DAM software helps the staff deliver assets requested by the press:

The first time I used it, someone from public radio had called. They had a program called about rare musical instruments, and we had a new organ,” said the media relations officer. “They asked for a picture of the organ. With this new system, it was really easy. The whole process took about five minutes. Before, something like that could take days.”

Picturepark Releases SDK

Picturepark announced the public release of its SDK. "This allows developers to custom-integrate the Picturepark DAM system into their own CMS, PIM, Social Media, editorial system or any other application," the company explains. Developers can get certified after they submit their code and working sample of their new solution for review, and, once certified, developers can access Picturepark's Extended Webservice, which offers more features.

VidKey DAM Video Solution Unveiled

Hollywood Tools LLC announced the release of VidKey (pronounced "Vicki"), which tackles the problem of audio and video assets that contain speech by generating metadata:

Learning Opportunities

The metadata is inserted into an asset management system such as Hollywood Tools’ RemoteMyProject, Avid’s Interplay, Apple’s Final Cut’s Server, Levels Beyond’s Reach Engine, Cat DV, or any other asset management system with integration capability. The result is a smart tool which enables the user to search the content of their video or audio assets within the system of their choice."

Although Hollywood Tools originally began by serving the entertainment industry, the company's RemoteMyProject solution is also working for other industries. RemoteMyProject is a cloud-based DAM solution for remote content management, collaboration and video publishing.

Use, Abuse of Visual Assets on Websites

Martin White, Managing Director of Intranet Focus Ltd, offers tips for getting a good balance of images and videos on your websites, whether or not you are working with a DAM solution. White says to consider the impact the image has on the design of the page for reading and navigation, the potential impact on access to the page using tablets and smartphones and the increase in download and browse time from visitors trying to work out the significance of the image.

DAM for Enterprise Intranets

In Digital Asset Management for Enterprise Intranets, Jed Cawthorne argues that even old-school staff members are now comfortable downloading podcasts and watching YouTube videos and says:

So the problem is if you stick to the old fashioned intranet style of content delivery, in the form of pages full of text, then as per many aspects of the current trend towards the 'consumerization of IT,' your staff are going to have a better 'experience' at home than they do in the office — leading to potentially un-informed and unengaged staff."

Cawthorne explains how you can leverage a DAM solution to get your intranet with the rich media revolution.