Kaltura Exchange (news, site) is providing a trading post for those creating apps using the open-source video platform.

A Behind the Scenes Peek

As the number of Web services for online video booms, Kaltura offers a new way for companies into DAM or video content management to create their own marketplace and monetize that video content. Kaltura has thrived through plenty of partnerships -- Joomla among many others -- offering its services. Now, Kaltura Exchange will let developers and users trade and deploy applications to help expand the range of features and benefits.

Currently running as a beta, Kaltura Exchange uses its open source status to offer much of its content for free, while more encompassing content can be purchased and then modified to suit the user. Current categories include:

  • Skins, themes and language packs
  • Plugins for Player, Remixer, Editors, KMC, Server
  • Client libraries in different programming languages
  • Stand-alone widgets
  • CMS integration kits
  • Solutions and apps

Give The Exchange A Whirl

Many of the apps have a live trial site or demo version, allowing a company to take the new code for a spin before deciding to deploy it. As it already has a thriving community, Kaltura users can see reviews of apps and extras and make their own comments -- so expect to see the best products rise to the top of the listings.


An early example of a Kaltura Exchange app

To join as a contributor, users will need to create a profile, list any apps that they want to appear on the Exchange and go through a review process. Anyone can browse the Exchange and some of the early applications up for user's attention include an ad management platform, cloud-based transcoders, collaboration and more.

Obviously, the project is in the early stages and will need input from its sizable community. But, a pool of resources for those trying to market video will be a welcome boost looking for differentiation or just a niche feature. A webinar covering the launch is being cast on 21 April, and should be of interest to anyone in the video space but perhaps lacks the resources to do their own development or customization.