Kaltura Takes Its Video Solution to Joomla

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Kaltura Unveils Free, Open Source Edition Of Video Platform
Kaltura (news, site) is making a number of moves lately with its open source video platform. After being listed as one of 10 Innovative Application Companies Under $100M to Watch by IDC you probably expected to start seeing things happening. And happening they are.


Providing Video to Joomla

It was only a couple of days ago that Kaltura and social software vendor Mzinga announced their partnership that would include the enterprise version of the Kaltura video platform in Mzinga's OmniSocial solution.

Now, Kaltura brings forth their video extension for the open source WCM Joomla. The extension offers a number of features: content management, syndication, monetization, transcoding, uploading, importing, editing and remixing.


Demo of Kaltura's Video Extension for Joomla

Thanks to a vibrant community the Joomla video extension is also available in French and integrated with the Joomla CC-Flexicontent extension.

Learning Opportunities

Community Supported or SaaS

You can get the Kaltura video extension as a 100% community supported extension hosted within your own environment or you can take advantage of the SaaS version that Kaltura supports.

Kaltura's SaaS platform is fully supported and includes a few additional paid services. There's a 10 GB free trial.

Supporting WCM

This is not the first web content management system that Kaltura has built an extension for. It also has extensions for Drupal, WordPress and Moodle.

You can download the Kaltura video extension for Joomla or another video extension now. Or head over to the demo site and give the extension a trial run.