Furthering the initial release of Nuxeo DAM, the open source Enterprise CMS company Nuxeo (news, site) is adding new functionalities to its Digital Asset Management product in version 1.1.

What's New in Nuxeo DAM?

It looks like, Nuxeo has concentrated on video assets this release around, even though there's a lot of work cut out for them on other fronts on Nuxeo DAM.

New DAM 1.1 features include:

Video streaming allowing users to share streaming audio and video assets without having to wait for the download to complete before being able to view an asset.

Video story-boarding feature can be used for working with assets based on the automatically generated series of thumbnails captured from a video file's chapters.

Nuxeo DAM 1.1 - Storyboarding-big.png

Nuxeo DAM 1.1 - Storyboarding 

Bulk DAM actions are covered by:

Bulk import of digital assets with associated metadata is now available using the new import system, where you can import large amounts of rich media assets from the web-based Nuxeo DAM UI or from a drop box system.

Along with that comes the ability of bulk editing the assets via changing metadata on a selected batch of assets.

Nuxeo DAM 1.1 - Bulk Edit.png

Nuxeo DAM Bulk Editing

As with the initial release of Nuxeo DAM, we think Nuxeo is moving in the right direction with the implementation of their DAM module on top of their central content repository/framework Nuxeo EP and await further (aplenty) improvements to the product.

Cloud Anyone?

Another new capability around this release is Nuxeo DAM - Cloud Edition targeted at SMBs looking to save on IT infrastructure and resource costs.