PhotoShelter Launches DAM Solution for 'Companies of All Sizes'

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New York City-based PhotoShelter is expanding from a photography website to provider of a targeted digital asset management (DAM) solution. It describes its newly launched product, Libris, as "a highly affordable, feature-rich system" designed to help companies of all sizes "efficiently and securely" organize, manage, access and collaborate with their visual assets. 

PhotoShelter CEO Andrew Fingerman said Libris addresses the visual content marketing needs of companies and organizations that are struggling to manage and capitalize on their time sensitive digital image assets.

"We know visual content is often spread around the organization, sitting on hard drives or partially-shared networks (think Dropbox) which prevents an organization from being able to use them quickly and seamlessly -- let alone to ensure the right images are being used in the right places," he told CMSWire. 

So Much to See - and Manage


Fingerman cited research from both the Content Marketing Institute, which claims more than 70 percent of B2B marketers will create more content this year, and AOL and Nielsen, which estimates there are more than 27 million pieces of content shared daily. 

"You can think of Libris in terms of what Basecamp did for project management -- it made the task of organizing and managing a project easy and accessible to any size of business. Libris does the same for visual communication and storytelling. It makes putting whatever story you're trying to tell together easier and faster. And it helps you protect your brand on top of it," he said,

Libris delivers instant image management without the wait or cost of a traditional DAM solution, he boasted, adding:  "There are few (if any) solutions that are easy to use and affordable for small to medium sized companies. Most cost in the five to six figure range and are inaccessible. Libris was developed exclusively for businesses, offering enterprise-level image management capabilities with unique ease-of-use and affordability — avoiding the cost and time of a major implementation." 

At a base cost of $5,500, Fingerman said Libris is a "highly affordable option." The cost can scale upward if a business requires certain customizations. 

Solid Foundation

Libris is built on PhotoShelter's 10 years of industry experience in image management for professional photographers.

"We were 'in the cloud'  before there was a 'cloud,'" Fingerman said. "We’ve helped more than 80,000 professional photographers around the world to manage their (more than 200 million) images. Now we’ve built upon that experience (with 70 of our closest brand friends) to create a tailored solution for larger companies." 

Learning Opportunities

Libris was developed to address pain points that prevent people from harnessing their images -- from pricey DAM solutions to countless hours lost searching for images scattered across an organization. 

"Our vision is to help brands participate in the massive trend toward using visual content to engage and connect with their audience -- to speak the language of photography. Libris empowers brands and businesses, teams and workgroups to manage, access and use their images quickly and easily,” he said.


Faster, Easier

Libris is designed to streamline the way creative, marketing and communications teams work with images by delivering a single, centralized image database with advanced search options. It also offers access control and download permissions with the ability to customize how each end user or group interacts with visual assets. 

Additionally, it allows businesses to leverage built-in anti-theft capabilities to prevent unauthorized downloads and use while also helping them protect their brands and avoid potential lawsuits by making image rights information visible. The key features include:

  • Centralized Image Database and Management: Multiple contributors can upload images to one central location and authorized administrators can organize image collections and grant user-permissions centrally
  • Sharing Capabilities: Administrators can  grant permissioned access so that images can be shared safely to media, agencies, partners, designers, marketing, sales and other stakeholders.
  • Archiving: Original, hi-res images can be stored in the cloud in any format
  • Organization Capabilities: Metadata management capabilities enable users to sort and search photos by filename, photographer, keyword, caption or attributes like date, location or model/property release
  • Display Capabilities: Administrators can create websites for stakeholder search and access and enable an unlimited number of logged-in users to see and download files according to specific permission levels
  • Monetization: Visual assets can be sold or licensed with a built in e-commerce engine
  • Tracking: Administrators can monitor access and individual user download activity and  track image downloads with logs and analytics
  • Security:  Sensitive content can be protected with passwords and restricted user logins, as well as anti-theft measures and image redundancy across servers in multiple geographic locations

"Our goal is to simply make visual assets more useful and valuable," Fingerman added.

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