Docurated has confirmed what many marketing people already suspect: only a small percentage of that content you create is actually being used in the sales process.

In fact, according to the soon to be released survey of 1,2141 sales and marketing professionals, 90 percent of the content marketing departments produce is never used by sales people. What's more,  56 percent of salespeople prepare their own content.

Examining Trends

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The 2015 State of Marketing Productivity Reportlooks at key trends for marketing and salespeople in B2B enterprises. Docurated, which is building its reputation around the Docurated platform for managing marketing content, has a strong interest in content marketing.

In April, for example, it launched the Docurated Content Marketing and Content Management App, which is designed to discover your content, analyze how it is used, rank it based on relevance and surface the best content for each sales scenario.

But the report shows sales departments are often clueless about the high value content that marketing creates — and marketing doesn’t appreciate the various situations that salespeople typically find themselves in. That adds up to lost sales and wasted money, Fergal Glynn, vice president of marketing at Docurated told CMSWire.

Docurated claims 90 percent of marketing-produced content is unused by sales teams. Since the average company devotes 25 percent of its marketing budget to content, then companies are wasting about 22.5 percent of their marketing budgets.

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  • In addition:
  • 85 percent of CMOs questioned ranked supporting the sales team as a top marketing goal.
  • Only 12 percent of companies are actively measuring marketing productivity
  • 90 percent measure sales productivity and effectiveness

Sales, Marketing Disconnect

Glynn said there is a disconnect between sales and marketing. "The word disconnect is a very good word to describe it. It’s not even a misunderstanding. Sales reps don’t realize what content exists. And because marketing is back in headquarters in its own little bubble, it doesn't realize or see what's going on with sales people,” Glynn said.

Want to learn more? Click here for a preview copy of the report.