Netbiscuits Claims Update Addresses Your Content Marketing Challenges

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Netbiscuits, a provider of analytics tools for the mobile web, has added a tool to its web analytics platform that "goes beyond traditional analytics."

Netbiscuits CEO Daniel Weisbeck told CMSWire the update offers insight about website visitor behavior — information marketers can use to hone their content marketing programs. 

Called Visitor Flow for Customer Journey Mapping, it looks at engagement from referral points such as social media, digital advertising, press and search marketing. It breaks it down by device type and visitor attributes, including location, connection speed and time on site.

"This gives marketers instant insight into which digital content is driving the highest traffic and time spent on site," Weisbeck said.

The 50-employee Kaiserslautern, Germany-based company launched its analytics platform last April.

Customer Engagement

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The Netbiscuits technology includes smart dashboards which break down data into actionable insights, "rather than having to wade through reams of spreadsheets," Weisbeck said.

It shows the breakdown of devices used to access the site, the context in which visitors are using them and the ways visitors engage with content on the website.

How does the technology enhance the existing analytics platform?

Learning Opportunities

Visitor Flow breaks down multiscreen categories, shows how visitors are moving through the website and details how user engagement changes across pages and types of content, such as video, downloads and photos. It also shows how visitors move from page-to-page while onsite.

The company describes it as a single analytical dashboard through which marketers can aggregate the entire visitor journey and map it with conversion, time on site, bandwidth speeds, screen, referral and traffic data.


Why Netbiscuits?

Weisbeck said Netbiscuits provides a comprehensive look at website engagement, "underpinned by the industry’s fastest and most accurate device detection database." It also helps marketers see content conversion problems so they can optimize their site content "to meet the needs of their visitors and ensure that they are ultimately converting" at the key points of their journey, he said.

"For the last 15 years we have hand tested every device and entered into our database, so when we tell marketers a certain device has hit their website, we are confident it’s the right one. And we can also be very prescriptive and detailed about what that device is capable of. It all adds to building up a very accurate picture of their visitor landscape," he said.

Netbiscuits has been in business since 2000. It is VC-backed by Stripes Group.

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