BOSTON — Technology can help solve some of B2B marketers' biggest problems, such as increasing customer engagement and providing measurable results.  But it only works if marketers know how to use it — and it's not their biggest problem.

“The biggest issue for marketers is creating content that supports customer decisions at every step of the journey, " Petr Palas, Kentico CEO and founder, said at the company's two-day conference here this week.

A Changing World

Kentico provides an integrated marketing solution for web content management, online marketing, e-commerce and online communities. Yesterday and Monday, it held Kentico Connection, a conference for developers, marketers, partners and business owners at the Seaport Boston Hotel & Seaport World Trade Center.

Palas said the event was designed to educate the 150 attendees about the tools at their disposal and providing them with actionable information. Attendees were offered three tracks — one for developers, one for marketers and one featuring real world case studies. Each track offered tips and strategies to improve personalization and better use technology.

Palas said the marketing landscape has changed, just in the past year. “We've definitely seen a major shift, not in the technology itself but in the ways the technology is used. Digital marketers are getting more educated and sophisticated. They're getting a better understanding of what the technology can do for them today and they can use it step-by-step. What seemed like a technology vision a few years ago has now become a common practice for many marketers," he explained.

Kentico is changing, too. “The focus for us now is to drive adoption and to make sure our customers leverage all the capabilities we provide," Palas added.

One of the biggest challenges today is to understand how to personalize and create responsive marketing for its customers. “It all comes down to the experience you provide to the customer,” said Palas, noting that the goal is to tailor that message to each person by effectively analyzing data.

To make effective use of technology, marketers need to understand how to use it and have a plan to maximize the potential results.