This week, even with the Thanksgiving Weekend, there are still a few notable releases, particularly in the mobile space. EMC, for example, offers workers the possibility of making their presentations mobile, while Alfresco upgrades its iOS app. Also this week, Microsoft is offering a free trial of Office 2013 Professional Pro, while docStar upgrades Eclipse.

EMC And Brainshark

If you thought that EMC was finished adding good things to its document capabilities when it announced the major uprades to Documentum two weeks ago, then you’d be wrong.

Even in the relative quiet of a Thanksgiving Week, it is still pumping out the releases and upgrades this time with the announcement of integration between EMC Syncplicity with the SlideShark app from Brainshark.

Brainshark specializes in mobile presentations and with this integration, EMC says users will be able to access all their presentation in the cloud and present them through iOS devices.

There doesn’t appear to be any mention of Android devices here, but no doubt that will come eventually. With this, users will be given access to their presentations through Syncplicity -- as well as team presentations provided by other people in sales or marketing teams, for example. By eliminating version controls they can be sure that they presentation they are using is the most up-to-date version of that presentation.

From the SlideShark end, then, users will be able to access a unified view of all their PowerPoint files and display them on iPad, iPhone or iPod touch -- with fonts, animations, graphics and colors all intact.

When deployed in conjunction with the recently announced Syncplicity Connector for EMC Documentum , presentation creators will be able to release their presentation into the wild and know that they cannot be changed unless the user is given specific permissions to change the presentation. This is clearly something that will attract a lot of attention in heavily regulated industries.

Office 2013 Trial

More good news from Office and in particular for Office 2013 users, or those that are considering using it. Microsoft announced during the week that it is providing a free 60-day trial for the Professional Plus version through its TechNet Evaluation Center website.

Office Professional is in the RTM phase at the moment, having reached that milestone last month, while the final code has been available for TechNet subscribers since the end of last month.

As a result of the offer, users will be able to try out the RTM version of Office 2013 for the first time by following the instructions on the TechNet Evaluation Center website.

However, before rushing off, users should check the system requirements for running Office 2013. The software is only available for Windows 7 and 8, so if there is anyone still operating Vista, or XP, they should forget about it.

Alfresco Mobile v1.4

Also over the week and hot on the heels of the SharePoint Las Vegas conference, Alfresco got straight back to business with a new app for iOS that gives iOS users better mobile functionality with Alfresco’s enterprise CMS.

In January, the app was upgraded to v1.2 enabling round-trip editing of documents through a QuickOffice integration on the iPad. This made it possible for business users to edit documents and save changes back to the Alfresco content store with full version control. If you want to find out what v1.4 does, take a look here.

docStar for Private Cloud

Finally for this week, document management vendor docStar has announced a major upgrade to Eclipse which means that as of this version customers can deploy the solution on-premises in private cloud), or hosted, depending on what they want to do themselves.

Some of the features that become particularly interesting from a cloud perspective and which make it useful for mobile users include:

  • Full Browser Access: All the functions can be accessed via the browser using Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Apple Safari.
  • Device access: Smartphones and tablets -- both iOS and Android -- can all be used to access and use Eclipse.
  • Capture: The ability to capture-to-archive or capture-to-process from a full-featured thin client.

Eclipse3 was released last August with a comprehensive feature set includeing: advanced internet access, a sophisticated workflow system, the industry’s fastest search engine, embedded document capture for centralized or distributed capture, high performance automated document processing, “on the fly” high speed OCR, automated records management, and native support for MS Office documents.