In highly competitive markets, presentation counts and Sales Reps want every tool and ever bit of information available at their fingertips to help them win business.

iPads and content-rich PowerPoints are points of entry; high fidelity animations, fonts, graphics and colors come next. But customers care about one other thing as well, accurate data. And these days, data that’s a day old just doesn’t cut it. Nor does a group of sales reps sharing different figures with different people at the same company. Organizations and sales teams need to be in sync.  

While smart enterprises may have the diligent staff to keep PowerPoint files up-to-date and available for download, what if a sales rep wants to change the order of his deck, a color, client name or accentuate a feature? It can lead to confusion. And even if everything on the backend is done perfectly, downloading at the client site can be a problem. Whom among us hasn’t been at a presentation where the speaker couldn’t download his files?

Keeping Teams Up to Date

The innovators at Syncplicity, EMC’s cloud-based Sync &Share company, and SlideShark, an award winning app for presenting and sharing PowerPoints on the iPad and iPhone, have integrated to enable mobile teams to have access to all of their presentations in the cloud, to keep them in sync, and to be able to present them professionally, reliably and in full fidelity from iOS devices.

“It (the integrated solution) keeps everyone singing off of the same page,” says Leonard Chung, Syncplicity’s Chief Product Strategist.

The integrated solution works by storing all the presentations in Syncplicity from which users can access their own PowerPoints and those, inside and outside of the firewall, to which they have authorized access. This is done Cloud-to-Cloud, there is no downloading required. Syncplicity eliminates version control challenges, ensuring that users have access to the latest version of presentations on all of their iOS mobile devices.

The SlideShark app is then used to access the presentations and to provide a unified view across all devices in high fidelity complete with animations, vibrant colors, graphics and fonts. Users can control and navigate content, as well as connect to TVs and projectors to deliver truly powerful presentations.

Add to that that SlideShark has a built-in ability to track engagement on copies of presentations distributed to prospective clients. Not only can it tell when and for how long each presentation is being re-reviewed, but also how much time is being spent on any particular slide, giving sales reps behind the scenes insights that they have rarely had before.

Keeping Teams Compliant 

Companies in highly regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, life sciences, financial services, energy and utilities where presentations require extensive approval processes and audit trails can be assured that changes are not being made on-the-fly in the field via use of the recently released Syncplicity Connector for Documentum.

SlideShark/Syncplicity users can also leverage Syncplicity’s “remote wipe” capabilities which come in handy when devices are lost or employees part ways with their employers. It should be noted that wiping is done on an individual file basis and does not impact other SlideShark presentations.

What all of this means to Sales Reps and Sales teams everywhere is that you now have the tools to show-up with top notch, up-to-date, compliant presentations without needing to download a thing. A far cry from struggling to make PowerPoints from your PC look good on an iPad and from being anxious while you wait for downloads at client sites hoping that you grabbed the right file.

And, as an added plus, you have the analytics you need to gain insights into your customer by knowing when your PowerPoint is being viewed, by whom and how much time is being spent on each slide.

It’s an easy to gain strategic advantage that wasn’t at your fingertips this time last year.