Document Management Roll-up: Google Docs Connects to MS Office, Laserfiche Adds Doc Capture

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With Thanksgiving fast approaching it seems as if some companies are already kicking back. That said, there are a couple of noteworthy announcements this week from Google, who has just announced Office integration, Confidela, which aims to make your documents safe on mobile devices and CAPSYS, who released new document capture capabilities for Laserfiche. In other news, Nuxeo World had some interesting sessions, especially on DM deployments.

Google Docs and MS Office Connect

It may only be Tuesday, but the announcement that Google Docs and Microsoft Office can now connect is probably going to be the biggest ‘document’ news this week.

Announced on Monday, the new plug-in installs a toolbar in Word, Excel and PowerPoint versions 2003, 2007 and 2010 that will be free for consumers and Google Apps enterprise customers when it's fully launched in the next few weeks.

It connects multiple people to a desktop-based Office document via Google's cloud, also creating a backup of it on Google Docs. The Office document can be shared with specific people who are able to make changes with their own Office software.

The plug-in is a result of Google’s acquisition of DocVerse back in March, and supports Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Once installed, a new ribbon will appear toward the top of the Office UI, linking the document you’re currently working on to its twin in Google Docs.

If you're editing a document in any of the three mentioned Microsoft programs, it will automatically sync with your Google Docs account as soon as you click the 'Save' button (note: you must click 'Save' to sync, this is not an as-you-type syncing feature). If you want to find our more, check it out here.

Protect Your Mobile Docs

To protect your mobile docs when collaborating, Confidela (news, site), the maker of WatchDox document control, tracking and protection solution, has announced that it is strengthening its support for mobile platforms with the release of an iPhone and iPad application that ensures safe document sharing on potentially insecure mobile platforms.

WatchDox’s solution enables businesses to easily set individualized protection parameters for user access via the iOS application, displaying documents on a secure viewer. The app extends all WatchDox features to iPads and iPhones, including user authentication, restrictions on copying, printing and forwarding documents, user-specific watermarks, advanced tracking and more.

If you’re going to be doing a lot of mobile work, then now is probably is a good time to start looking at security -- not just for documents, but of the whole device.

Earlier this month, Gartner’s (news, site) Nick Jones argued ina blog post that the security parameters C-level decision makers have insisted on for standard operating systems have been absent from mobile ones.

The explosion in the use of inadequately secured consumer devices, some of which hold highly sensitive information, is a ticking bomb that will eventually explode. At some point -- probably quite soon -- there will be a mobile data-loss event that will cause a huge security panic.

The best way to protect your business is through taking the initiative, and Confidela says its WatchDox product is the best on the market at the moment.

Learning Opportunities

Laserfiche And CAPSYS Announce Integration

In the document capture space, Laserfiche (news, site) and CAPSYS (news, site) have just announced the availability of a release module that integrates CAPSYS CAPTURE with Laserfiche’s enterprise content management software.

CAPSYS CAPTURE is a thin client document and data capture application available on-demand as SaaS, a traditional "on-premise" license purchase or via CAPSYS AXIOM, a pre-configured network appliance.

As a result, Laserfiche users will have access to a capture solution available through a browser that can be deployed onsite or accessed from the Cloud. Since both Laserfiche and CAPSYS are built on top of Microsoft technologies, the partnership is a natural fit.

The integration was developed under the Laserfiche Professional Developer Partnership (PDP) program agreement executed by both companies earlier this year. Laserfiche's PDP program provides customers with access to a variety of third-party integrations, configurations, plug-ins and Web tools.

Key Factors for Successful DM Deployments

Last week was Nuxeo World, just in case you missed it. Amongst some of the sessions worth noting was the one that focused on best practices, lessons learned and key factors of a successful document management system deployment based on a Nuxeo DM example.

The presentation, delivered by Alain Escaffre, Nuxeo and Thomas Choppy, focused on a use case based on the implementation by Nuxeo’s system integrator of Nuxeo Document Management system at HEC -- a well-known French business school with 44,000 students around the world.

Lessons learned on how to avoid common pitfalls are applicable to many DM projects in general.

The project followed an agile approach, balancing ongoing specifications and working with non-technical users for requirements. If you want to read more about this session, check it out here.