Microsoft has received a lot of attention this week with the technical preview version of its soon-to-be-released upgraded Dynamics CRM and the announcement of no mobile Office solution for the iPhone. Google also kept Microsoft in the news patching a glitch in the connector between Outlook and Gmail accounts. But it wasn't all about Microsoft - not completely.

Microsoft Offers Peek Under CRM Dynamics Hood

Microsoft (news, site) is on target to get its Dynamics CRM application out on time. What the time, or date, will be has not been released yet but it is expected to be in the second half of this year. And in anticipation of that, Microsoft has just released a technical preview version.

According to the CRM team blog, this release is aimed primarily at Microsoft's software development partners, including ISVs, VARs, hosting partners and systems integrators who build applications around Dynamics CRM.

Code-named "CRM5", it has been made available as both on premise and online software, and in what is being interpreted as a move to make it available outside of the US and Canada, it will be hosted in data centers in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific.

This version will focus on further development of collaboration tools and deep core CRM capabilities, Brad Wilson general manager of Microsoft Dynamics CRM has said, but what deep core capabilities he hasn’t clarified, apart from the fact that it will support 40 languages.

No Office For Blackberry, iPhone

And speaking of new releases, the upcoming release of Office 2010 on May 12 (along with SharePoint 2010) is already creating great excitement around the web, even though the beta version has been available for weeks.

While there’s nothing new to say about it or the anticipated heavy weight bust-up between it and Google Apps when Office 2010 is released, Stephen Elop in an interview with PC World did say that mobile versions of Office will be available for Windows Phone handsets, due later this year, as well as for Nokia smartphones running Symbian, but not for BlackBerry or Apple’s iPhone.

Records Management Helps Alfresco

Alfresco (news, site) has announced a 61 percent year-over-year revenue growth driven by record growth in new subscription customers and expansion of its partner network.

In the fourth quarter, both the Americas and EMEA territories posted record numbers, adding more than 120 new customers and nearly doubling business in the Asia Pacific region compared to a year ago.

Needless to say there are a lot of interesting details here, but in terms of document management, Alfresco has noted as one of the year’s highlights the release of Alfresco Enterprise 3.2, which introduced the open source Alfresco records management module.

This enabled the deployment of cloud-based Alfresco deployments and streamlined email management and archiving as well as making it the first open source Records Management software to gain Department of Defense (DoD) 5015.02 certification.

Google Fixes Outlook Glitch

A glitch in a program designed to link Gmail accounts and Microsoft Outlook has been fixed, according to Google. The SaaS application allows users to view Gmail messages and use certain Apps on their Outlook pages, but it did not work properly recently due a server error, according to Information Week.

Google has delivered patches to the hole in the program to its users recently and advises anyone with further issues to contact it. It primarily impacts customers who have been away from Outlook for more than a few days, so if you've been online every day or so, you shouldn't encounter the problem, Google says.

What Are You Searching For?

Again, another report from AIIM (news, site) that shows the majority of enterprises can’t manage their content and data effectively. This time the research focused on search and retrieval abilities and the use -- or non-use -- of content analytic tools.

In fact, for 72% of respondents, it is harder to find information owned by their organization than information not owned by them.

The research, which is contained in the Content Analytics- research tools for unstructured content and rich media report, also shows that of the 47% who find they frequently need to use Advanced Search options, more than half would like something more effective. If you don’t believe us check it out for yourselves.

ePlus Gets Patented

Virgina-based ePlus has been awarded a US patent for technology that makes it easier to share document changes over the web.

"The underlying technology in this patent is a key component of our advanced business applications that allow sharing of critical business information over the web, such as DigitalPaper XE, which incorporates DirectSight, ViewMark, and DocPak software," Ken Farber, president of ePlus Systems said.

ePlus' new patented technique does not require the installation of any dedicated collaboration software. Using a web browser, each user can annotate a base document and then share the annotations with others by transmitting a message containing a special URL.