Document Mgt Roll-up: Google GSA 7.0 to Speed Up Doc Search, WatchDox Adds App for SharePoint

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It may have been a holiday weekend, but it’s still busy in the document management world. Google has just released GSA 7.0, which makes document search and retrieval a lot easier, WatchDox has released a SharePoint application, Perceptive is offering an e-signing tool, and Central Desktop has introduced single sign-in.

Google GSA 7.0

Google was busy over the weekend -- first thing Tuesday, it announced in its enterprise blog that it had launched Google Search Appliance 7.0 which it says will enable workers to find their documents and data in the blink of an eye.

In the post, Matthew Eichner said that Enterprise Search enables users to find content no matter where, or how, they are searching for it.

"Administrators can easily add content sources from secure storage, cloud services or the public web and social networking sites," he said. "GSA 7.0 also provides Google-quality search for SharePoint 2010, making for a more simple and intuitive, all-in-one search experience."

It also adds a whole pile of features that will specifically help with document-related tasks including:

  • Document preview through thumbnails
  • Google Translates will offer search results in more than 60 languages
  • Updated language capabilities including parsing in Arabic, Japanese, and Korean
  • A new interface for the GSA 7.0 release.

It also comes with better SharePoint support and will be generally available in the US on Oct. 16.

WatchDox for SharePoint

WatchDox was also busy with the extension of WatchDox to SharePoint, enabling users to make their SharePoint libraries mobile and collaborative across company boundaries.

WatchDox for SharePoint users can usetheir existing SharePoint rights to apply WatchDox’s existing security controls across their documents in SharePoint. When documents are downloaded or shared across mobile devices -- or outside the company firewalls -- the documents are still protected by the same safeguards as they have in the enterprise.

This release acknowledges the fact that more and more workers are looking to work outside the enterprise firewall. It is also a response to the growing use of SharePoint.

WatchDox is administered form the normal SharePoint interface, with functions like on-line viewing and check-in/check-out still applied in the same manner. The WatchDox security settings only kick in once someone tries to download the content to a mobile device, or when users start trying to share and collaborate. The bottom line, Watchdox says, is that there are no changes to the SharePoint user experience.

Perceptive’s New e-Signing

Meanwhile, Perceptive, which you may remember is the company that brought document management to Lexmark, has launched eAuthorize for electronic signatures.

Learning Opportunities

The new signature tool, which is the result of a partnership with AssureSign, enables users to sign off on documents electronically, whether the user is using Perceptivesoftware or other third-party software, and then upload thesigned documents into Perceptive’s enterprise CMS.

Using RESTful Web services integration, it also enables users to sign off on documents even after the signing is initiated during a business process, using a Perceptive eForm, or again through a third-party application.

Once the document has been signed off, it and all other associated documents are collected into the content management application along with a full history of the document and document signings for archiving or compliance issues.

If Lexmark has decided to dump some of its hardware business, it seems clear from this and recent statements from the company that Perceptive is still seen as key to its business.

Central Desktop Single Sign-In

Finally this week, cloud-based document collaboration vendor Central Desktophas announced that its SocialBridge solution has been integrated with OneLogin.

OneLogin is an identity and management solution for the cloud that enables administrators to control access to cloud tools through a single point of entry.

The release is in response to the growing number of tools that business users are using in the cloud and the difficulty of administering them from a security perspective.

OneLogin’s Free Plan for SocialBridge is free for all of Central Desktop’s paid customers. It gives administrators a way to secure connections to their Active Directory or LDAP server and enables user access to the enterprise tools for numerous different locations.