This week we catch up on Oracle, which has just upgraded Documaker EE, Google Docs has added video sharing capabilities, SharePoint 2010 gets e-signature and Confidela will secure Salesforce documents after a US$ 9.25 million venture funding round.

Oracle Upgrades Documaker

Released just before Christmas and overlooked as a result, Oracle (news, site) announced availability of Oracle Documaker Enterprise Edition, the next generation of the company’s software for creating and managing enterprise communications.

Oracle Documaker Enterprise Edition features a redesigned, Web-based iDocumaker module that improves communications throughout the customer lifecycle.

Using rules-based configuration, a content library and embedded workflow, iDocumaker enables any user with an Internet connection to quickly and interactively create and assemble compliant communications, such as letters, policies and ID cards, from their desktops.

The new Document Factory in Oracle Documaker Enterprise Edition also lets business users leverage a single administration point to assemble and publish consistent content across multiple channels including print, e-mail, Web, short message service (SMS) messaging and more.

Business users can create and customize content faster, without reliance on IT, through easy-to-use interfaces and tools such as Documaker Word Add-In, iDocumaker and Documaker Studio. It also comes additional multi-language support.

Google Docs Enables Video Sharing

Google has also been working on Docs over the Christmas. Until now Google Docs enabled users to upload any kind of file they wanted to the cloud including most other kinds of media as well as documents.

This week, on the Google Docs blog they have announced that they have extended that so that users can now also stream their videos and upload them into Google Docs.

There will be a couple of limitations, not least of which is a 1GB limit to the size of the files that can be uploaded, but you can upload it from your computer -- presumably it will have to be streamable -- and share it with whoever and whenever you want.

Users will also have to have Adobe Flash installed on their machine. It is not clear how long it will take between uploading the video and access being offered to collaborators as there is some suggestion that Google will have to process the videos first before they can appear. Check out the blog for more information.

SharePoint 2010 Gets e-signature

Work on and for SharePoint 2010 continues. This time it’s a new release from ARX, which makes the digital signature solution CoSign, and which now includes support for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010.

Through the CoSign Add-on for SharePoint in v5.23, users can sign PDF files, list items, records and documents centrally located on the SharePoint server via the SharePoint 2007/2010 interface.

In addition, the CoSign update includes support for workflow solutions that have a SharePoint foundation, such as Nintex Workflow. This enables users to add a signature authorization point within a customized workflow in a simple, drag-and-drop fashion. To learn more about this feature and others, watch the Nintex Workflow with CoSign Digital Signatures demo.

But there’s nothing like trying it for yourself and you can do that through a free 30-day trial in which organizations using SharePoint can test and verify digital signatures within a personalized SharePoint sandbox environment. Check it out here.

Confidela To Secure Salesforce Documents

Seems all the publicity around Wikileaks is forcing some companies to have a look at the security of their documents and what might happen if they got out onto the Wild Wild Web.

There are a number of companies that will help those looking to secure documents. Confidela is one, and with all the concern around document security, it has managed to raise US$ 9. 25 million in venture funding, part of which will be used on developing a plug-in for Salesforce’s CRM and Microsoft’s SharePoint software.

Confidela provides software designed to secure documents and make them more difficult to crack unless the reader has permission to view them.

Confidela is the designer of the WatchDox, a document in a protective layer that requires another user to have permission to read it. The document is read through a web browser after it has been opened. There are also applications to access WatchDox protected documents on the iPad and iPhone.

YouSendIt On Acquisition Trail

File-delivery vendor YouSendIt has just announced acquisitions of Attassa, an email collaboration vendor, and Zosh, an e-signature provider, for undisclosed amounts. Through the two acquisitions YouSendIt gains the technology and personnel of the companies.

Founded in 2007, Attassa has created a framework and SDK that allows the rich integration of existing Web applications as plug-ins into Microsoft Outlook that enables file-sharing, synchronization and backup utilities. It has also developed an iPhone application, which synchronizes users' email from Outlook and Webmail servers.

Zosh provides  e-signature services that allow users to view, fill, sign and transmit documents from a mobile phone.