Nuxeo Fast Tracks Latest Update, Releases Nuxeo 5.7.1

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Nuxeo Fast Tracks Latest Update, Releases Nuxeo 5.7.1
Open source DAM provider Nuxeo has decided to fast track its latest release, and the version 5.7.1 update features upgraded customization features and improvements to the Nuxeo Drive content synchronization system.

Fast Tracked Updates Meet Customer Demand

Nuxeo will continue updating what it calls a Long Term Support cycle for regular releases, but it has added a Fast Track release cycle as well, and such updates will henceforth be designated by their odd numbered versions. Conversely, all Long Term Support releases will be assigned even numbers upon release.

This way, new features can be rolled out more frequently, and customers don't have to wait for a major version release to get updates. Version 5.7.1 is the first such Fast Track release, and when more updates are ready, they will be done so under the v5.7.2 update. When the Fast Track cycle is complete, the full release v5.8 will roll out, and that will include all hot fixes.

Additionally, even though the Fast Track releases will be more frequent, they will only be supported by the most common environment (Linux, Tomcat, PostgreSQL/Oracle). Nuxeo customers had been wanting to get updates more frequently, and the Fast Track cycle is in response to this, however, the Long Term Support also helps to space out major releases, something else customers had been wanting.

Some customers like to have more time to plan out version upgrades, and the Long Term Support system gives it to them, the company noted in a blog post this week.

Learning Opportunities

Nuxeo Drive + Customization Improvements

Nuxeo Drive now features full support for macros, support for more content types and for custom content types. Additionally, there's a retooled interface for Digital Asset Management module that makes the search, list/thumbnail and asset view with metadata panels configurable with Nuxeo Studio.

Version 5.7.1 also includes:

  • A workflow tab for grouping tasks and running bulk operations
  • Saved searches can be shared
  • A CSV importer
  • Updated authentication plugins for OAuth 2.0, OpenID and Kerberos, and the ability to customize authentication pages
  • Platform monitoring using Yammer Metrics
  • Support for Oracle on Amazon RDS and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 in Nuxeo Visible Content Store, a content repository, among others

The v5.7.1 update is available for download right away, and it includes an installation wizard that gives a free 30 day trial for Nuxeo Studio, a tool for configuring and customizing the system.

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