Solutions provider Pagos offers a way for companies reliant on their old spreadsheets to kick them into the modern web-based age.

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Many companies have vast amounts of data running on desktop-based spreadsheets, data that would be better suited to a database or other app. In this Web 2.0 world, converting a spreadsheet to a web-accessible database is an obvious way to move old, static data in to a more dynamic accessible world.

The benefits of using SpreadsheetWEB are several fold, desktop spreadsheets tend to be the preserve of one or two users, pop them on the web and everyone can take a look, learn what's going on and put the data to better use. Spreadsheet-based data can also then be used alongside other data sets to link information together to get a better picture of your business and improve overall business intelligence.

Sheets of Web

SpreadsheetWEB 3.0 is the recently released update of the Windows app and web-service that can convert your sheet into a web-friendly and accessible format. Once uploaded, it can be accessed and updated via websites or web apps.

With an uploaded sheet, users can create dashboards to monitor figures as they are updated. Online forms or front ends can be made to enable non-technical users (and there are still many people to whom spreadsheets are alien things) to update it.


SpreadsheetWEB's update adds a number of features including; support for Java scripting, support for most Excel functions, an improved control panel, links to Excel 2007's ribbon and a "Connect to Workbook" feature. What it can't do is work with protected cells in documents, Excel macros or VBA, which might be a problem for those with custom-coded sheets.

With the ability to create maps based on your data, create charts and monitor trends, getting your data from a desktop to the web is easy to do. There's a demo, so you can give it a try and see if it improves how you work with your sheets.

SpreadsheetWEB costs US$ 399 to setup and there are subscription fees ranging from US$ 99 to $999 depending on the class of product you want.