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  • frustrated man using a laptop

    Easy Solutions to Your Worst Spreadsheet Problems

    You’d think stock traders, of all people, would have the best data available. But that wasn’t the case when JPMorgan started bleeding billions on bad trades. Investors got worried. The bank dismissed their concerns as “a tempest in a teapot.” Turns out it was a tempest in a spreadsheet.

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  • News Bites Universal Analytics AntiAd Fraud and More

    News Bites: Universal Analytics, Anti-Ad Fraud and More

    And now, the news. This week, Google released enterprise level Universal Analytics, Apperian released an API, BrandAds targeted video ad fraud and ClickBank unveiled version 3.0. Plus, there's a new Drupal to Adobe DPS tool, Appboy Academy opens and HTML5-built OX Spreadsheet takes to the cloud.

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  • News Bites Real Time TV Analytics Personal Sync and More

    News Bites: Real Time TV Analytics, 'Personal Sync' and More

    Mucho news this week. In social analytics, Bottlenose partnered with Critical Mention to offer real time analytics for TV and radio as well as social, Sysomos is integrating its data with Tickr's enterprise platform and a new Brandwatch API uses Twitter data from Gnip.

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  • Turn Your Spreadsheets Into a Web App

    Solutions provider Pagos offers a way for companies reliant on their old spreadsheets to kick them into the modern web-based age. Spread the Knowledge Many companies have vast amounts of data running on desktop-based spreadsheets, data that would be better suited to a database or other app. In this Web 2.0 world,

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