Zylab Upgrades Email Management, Offers Outlook, Lotus Notes Archiving

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Information access technology provider ZyLab (news, site) has just upgraded its email management software so that client companies will be able to archive directly from Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and Novell Groupwise.

By doing so, ZyLab says its email software will be entirely scalable and able to handle as few or as many emails as required, but more importantly intelligently keeps and stores necessary emails and gets rid of the rest.

This means that storage is not based on space on the server or mailbox ability, but rather on administrator-defined criteria, which can also apply textual analytics on the unstructured content of emails before tying it all up and archiving it.

SyLab Archiving

Emails themselves are saved as text, HTML or RTF files, while emails to be archived are kept in open XML format, with key identifying information such as sender name, subject or date all stored as key fields, also in XML.

The result is that companies using the ZyLabs email bundle can process emails in three different ways that the company says is particularly useful for those who need such a system for eDiscovery.

These email processes include:

  • Archiving of email directly from Outlook, Lotus Notes and Groupwise with search abilities from the user interface.
  • Conversion of PST and NSF files into searchable XML with TIFF and PDF and all other bitmap files separated from electronic files and made ‘searchable’.
  • Server based copies of all information that needs to be archived is kept as XML files with automatic inclusion of essential data.

Exchange 2010 And Email

Zylab is making much of the fact that these new upgrades will make their email bundle more attractive to those tasked with ensuing a company’s compliance with the growing number of regulations, as well as a tool for supporting litigation.

Learning Opportunities

However, there doesn’t appear to be much here that separates it from the rest in a market. More email management software is being upgraded almost on a weekly basis by more companies for either compliance or eDiscovery, or increasingly to ensure compatibly with Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 (MES 2010), which was released in November.

According to Microsoft, MES 2010 will be as much as 70% cheaper than previous versions and as the cornerstone of Microsoft’s Unified Communications solution is going to be one of the more attractive options for those looking for on-premise communications software.

In this respect,EMC last month upgraded its SourceOne suite of modular integrated softwarethat enables email management, archiving and records management to enable users to make a speedier and more efficient move to Microsoft Exchange 2010.

Mimosa has also been busy working to extend MES 2010 by providing an organizational record archive that complements the Exchange 2010 archive functionality for long-term retention.

While this ZyLab upgrade will undoubtedly complement their already extensive portfolio of solutions in the information access management space it is facing tough competition from tough competitors in an increasingly tough market.