Attensity Analyze 6.0 Develops Business Intelligence from Customer Intelligence

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When we last spoke about Attensity, we addressed its partnership with Twitter. Today, the customer experience management (CEM) provider has released Attensity Analyze 6.0, a customer analytics and engagement application.

Analyzer 6.0 Drives Decisions with Data

This new version brings with it advanced analysis tools designed for increased volumes of customer conversations across multiple channels, from social media to email to SMS. Analyze 6.0 works to capture and extract valuable and meaningful insights so that organizations can make better-informed decisions.

From a variety of new functionality, users can tap into the root causes of issues captured in their customer conversations, receive detailed sentiment analysis and identify emerging trends. Analyze 6.0 allows users to build and customize reports around key themes, such as customer sentiment, product and service issues, intent to churn and emerging trends through a drag-and-drop interface.


Analyze 6.0 lets organizations extract business insights from customer conversations

Analyze 6.0 comes to life because of its ability to monitor and analyze millions of online sources for customer intelligence. Using Analyze for Social Media, organizations can continuously monitor and analyze social media conversations across a variety of platforms and media.

Learning Opportunities

Important Enough to Monitor, Important Enough to Impact

While Attensity Analyze 6.0 gives organizations the tools with which to monitor and analyze their brand as it is discussed online, there’s a certain level of responsibility that companies take on that can’t be solved with new technologies. Instead, good ol’ fashioned strategy is required. What will you do with the knowledge gained by using Analyze 6.0?

Collecting information about your brand is just part of taming the social media beast. To create conversations with your customers that matter, you need to know what you’ll do with the intelligence once gathered. Collecting data is not hard -- turning data into effective product development is.

As well, by investing in customer analytics solutions, like Attensity’s, you’re also investing in company development. If customer conversations are important enough for you to monitor, they must also be important enough for your company to consider when making strategic business decisions.