Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, made a surprise appearance at today's BlackBerry World conference in Orlando. Along with RIM president Mike Lazaridis, he announced that Microsoft is entering a partnership with RIM on BlackBerry smartphones, making Bing the default search engine and maps provider on all new devices. 


This isn't the first play date for Bing and BlackBerry -- the recently released BlackBerry Playbook, for example, ships with the Bing Map App and is the default search provider. But Ballmer touted a much more serious integration this time around. "This goes way beyond search box," he said. "It's about real tools that help real people get things done."

Bing director Matt Dahlin’s blog post on the union hints at what else is in store for BlackBerry users:

Devices are becoming sensors that can provide real-time access to information to help people quickly complete tasks on the go. We’re going to see a convergence of search, commerce, social and location-centric services where Bing will provide the intelligence and the organizing layer in the cloud that connects a user’s intent with action, helping people be more productive.

Any guesses on what's in the woodwork? Let us know in the comments below.