Social communications service CloudTalk (formerly has introduced iPhone and Android apps to offer a private social network with voice, video and text messaging for your close friends or colleagues.

Chatting in the Cloud

If you've ever worried about putting out too much information on your Facebook page, then CloudTalk is a handy alternative for smaller groups of social friends, or for small teams of highly mobile-based, busy workers.

CloudTalk offers what basically amounts to a voice, text or video mail service for iPhone and Android users, allowing friends to send direct or group messages, which can all be neatly threaded in the app to help follow the conversation. Developed with our busy on-the-go and social lives in mind, it has been in development since 2010 and comes from some creative minds, led by serial entrepreneur David Hayden.


CloudTalk makes your social communications more personal

Take Your Partner

CloudTalk isn't just relying on the success of its app, however. The company is also pushing its Partner Program (launched at SXSW last month) to other developers who can tie CloudTalk into their apps. Social tools can help bring together friends, people with related interests or other links and help them build relationships, something that has the potential to bring great social benefit.

The company is pushing the communicative and social-boosting aspects of the app, which runs without adverts, and keeping flashy features to a minimum. While it's just launching the apps, the company already has US$ 5 million in investment to bring the project to life.

Will this approach help CloudTalk thrive and help create an alternative ecosystem to the Facebook monster, or will it become another app in the social comms herd like Viber and many others trying to create a successful little (or big) niche?