This week, the enterprise world saw the socializing of web clipping, as well as an easier way to navigate and use the beast that is 

Evernote for Windows Shares with Facebook, Twitter

Evernote is claimed their "biggest update in months" this week with the addition of sharing capabilities. Without leaving the application, Windows users will now be able to take selected portions of their Evernote memories and share them via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter.

Users can access these new perks through the share button inside each note. The rest is pretty self explanatory:


“Evernote, historically, has not been social — at all,” admitted Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote. “You go to Facebook when you feel like not being productive. You go to Evernote when you actually feel like getting something accomplished. That’s been our position. What we realized over the past year or so is that those two halves of your life really need to be well-connected. So Evernote doesn’t have to social, but there has to be easy ways for you share your important stuff in Evernote with your friends and your social network.”

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Cloud Extend Simplifies Salesforce with Process Automation

Confused by You're not alone -- the learning curve combined with the increasing number of data-driven layers added to the SaaS product has left many a business user without a clue. This week Active Endpoints attempted to fill the gap with Cloud Extend, a non-techy app that offers features for organizing Salesforce functions for an entire team.

Essentially, Cloud Extend leans on the power of process automation to enables sales managers to create and modify custom interactive guides for dealing with various opportunities within Salesforce, such as making an outbound sales call.


Once built, these guides can then be shared with the team, and Active Endpoints can collect the data necessary for your analytics, promoting a steady methodology beyond Salesforce’s own offerings.

“The way we’ve done it is to embed the tool right in Salesforce– very clean, natural integrated guidance is enscripted for sales managers,” says Mark Taber, CEO of Active Endpoints. “It’s a straightforward approach for the salesperson, and the end result is that the information collected through Salesforce activity is a lot better, so analytics is a lot better.”

Atex Launches Tablet Publishing Tool, Provides Strategy for MultiPurpose Engagement

The number of companies scrambling to produce tablet publishing tools for assisting media teams is growing exponentially, and Atex is no exception.

Atex Tablet Publishing was designed to help media companies produce visually stimulating tablet editions of their publications without expanding budgets, staff or time. Through the combination of familiar app navigation functionalities and  an HTML 5-based user experience, Atex Tablet Publishing provides media companies with the ability to create editions with many dynamic and interactive features necessary to engage end users.

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