"You know that feeling of never quite being caught up? That's called work.”

These are the words of Justin Yuen, the president of FMYI (news, site). His company, which offers a Facebook-like collaboration platform for the enterprise and, strangely enough, adamantly rallies against work, saw some mighty fine numbers in 2009.

For My 2009

2009 marked FMYI's sixth year of business, in which revenue increased 275%, usage increased 400%, the team tripled, and the whole gang moved into new headquarters in the Leftbank Project.

FMYI thanks media coverage on the 6th release of their platform (announced last October) for their sudden rise in popularity. “There’s no doubt that 2009 was our most successful year yet and has set the bar higher for ourselves,” said Yuen. "We’re positioned to continue our growth and expansion in 2010."

A New Day

The thing that's perhaps most endearing about the Portland-based company (aside from their tree-hugging values) is the way they use their product to tap into the sweetness of living in this period of technological revolution at the workplace. FMYI's first brand video, A New Day, is a prime example of this, and was unveiled last night at its launch party (yes, FMYI had a launch party :



"We're against work." Yuen says, claiming  FMYI is simply about making life easier. The collaboration tool bases projects in an environment very similar to that of Facebook's, making work feel less worky and more social networky. Users can even make profile pages where they can chat with each other.

"In your personal life it's good to be in the loop, but in business being current can make the difference between failure and success," Yuen explained.

Feel like having a little fun? You'll be joining HBO, Sony, Nike and Hyatt Hotels in the playground.

FMYI offers a limited free plan, as well as Lite, Plus and Pro accounts which are available from US$ 25 to US$ 150 per month. Additionally, bigger businesses can call to discuss individual needs. Check it out!