Things happen quickly in the industry, including changes in employment. Here's a quick and dirty list of the biggest moves that hit our radar over the last couple of weeks:

Mobile Guru Joe Hewitt Leaves Facebook

Joe Hewitt, the engineer who built the initial version of Facebook (news, site) for the iPhone, recently waved goodbye to the Palo Alto-based social networking giant.

Before you assume the worst, Hewitt discussed his departure from Facebook on his blog.

Today was my last day at Facebook. Normally when I leave a job I go out cursing the management and wishing I had left much sooner. In the case of Facebook, I sent heartfelt emails to all of my managers thanking them for the privilege of letting me work there, and I genuinely meant it. Facebook was the longest I ever worked at one company, and the best employer I’ve ever had.

Working at Facebook was like having my own startup, but with a paycheck instead of ramen. Management gave me the freedom to work on my own ideas, and just like with real startups, some of my projects never made it out of the lab, while others shipped and were huge successes. The brilliance of Facebook management is encouraging everyone to take initiative, take risks, and wear as many hats as you can. I wish more tech companies operated like this.

Kim Cameron Leaves Microsoft

Kim Cameron, an engineer at Microsoft (news, site)  and Chief Architect of Identity, left the company last week.  

Cameron is known for authoring the “Laws of Identity” principles. He has been a champion of user-centric identity architecture at the company, and guided Microsoft’s identity work in Active Directory, Federation Services, Forefront and CardSpace. At the time of his departure, he was working on Microsoft’s Next Generation Active Directory (NGAD), a federation service designed to enable users to federate directories across the phone, the PC and the cloud.

A Microsoft spokesperson said the company had no comment on Cameron's decision to leave. 

Scott Guthrie Heads New Azure Application Platform Team

Scott Guthrie, the current Corporate Vice President of the .Net platform at Microsoft, will be running the Azure Application Platform team under Senior Vice President of the Business Platform Division, Ted Kummert.

The Windows Azure team remains under Bill Laing, the Corporate Vice President of the Server and Cloud division.

“Casey has overall business, engineering and operational responsibilities for SQL Azure, Microsoft’s pioneering database-as-a-service offering as part of its comprehensive Azure Services platform. He also owns responsibility for driving BPD’s business and R&D strategy for key international markets, particularly China,” stated Casey's new bio page on the Microsoft’s Web site.

Geoscape Adds Key Players to Marketing & Business Teams 

Geoscape has added two key industry veterans.

Doug Diem, BP of Business Intelligence, comes to Geoscape from Nielsen Claritas where he took part in sales, client service, partnerships, marketing, product management, and the custom analytics group practice. In his new role, Doug will focus on business strategies, sales and client services for the retail and real estate practice at Geoscape.

Thomas Verna, VP of Marketing, brings more than twenty years of marketing expertise to Geoscape. His recent efforts include InQuira and KANA Software. 

“We’re very pleased to have attracted the best talent in these key areas for growing the business at Geoscape,” said Cesar M Melgoza, Founder and CEO. “We continue to see increased interest in solutions that can build actionable intelligence for businesses that serve an increasingly diverse American and international marketplace."