Oracle to Buy GoldenGate Software.jpg
If size matters, then Oracle (news, site) certainly hangs out with the popular crowd. In recent news, the whale of an enterprise software company unveiled a WebCenter Suite, updated its collaboration platform, and added Datawatch to its growing collection of partners. 

Partnerships. What glorious things. But why stop there? Oracle sure hasn't. Yesterday the company announced their purchase of San Francisco's GoldenGate Software, providers of real-time integration software and a partner of Oracle's for more than a decade.

"With the addition of GoldenGate, Oracle expects to help our customers achieve better performance through improved business intelligence and business continuity with real-time information," said Hasan Rizvi, senior vice president of Oracle's Fusion Middleware Product Development.

Buying up companies isn't something new for Oracle. In fact, the software giant has purchased roughly three dozen over the past five years, spending, as reported by Reuters, more than US$ 34 billion. And again, they're not stopping there. Oracle also has plans to purchase Sun Microsystems, and Virtual Iron as well.

If only we all had that much money to blow, right? Live vicariously through Oracle's fat wallet here.