Brings Chatter to Mobile Devices
Today (news, site) announced that all of the magic of Chatter, their Facebook-like platform for the enterprise, is going mobile. 

If you're not familiar with Chatter, there are only two things you really need to know: It's modeled after Facebook, and, according to Kraig Swensrud, the senior VP of Product Marketing at, it's the most successful product launch yet. 

The communication hub tossed its beta label in June, can be used in tandem with CRM or independently, and has been adopted by an estimated 20,000 companies: 

To the Mobile Devices! 

Both social technologies and Mobile capabilities are becoming the next obvious steps for a slew of companies. With social down, is trying its hand at the latter with an app that looks and acts just like the next mobile social networking solution. Here's a quick peek at the main screen, where employee updates are placed front and center:


The release of Chatter Mobile for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and BlackBerry is slated for late 2010, and Google Android devices will reportedly follow in the first half of 2011. has been known to move forward with their offerings aggressively, and CEO Marc Benioff has never been quiet about his love for Facebook-like solutions, but this recent addition feels like it's more than just about staying up-to-date. In targeting both enterprise mobility and social networking, is beefing up its armor.

Learning Opportunities

Yammer (news, site), a microblogging platform often referred to as Twitter for the enterprise, recently announced plans to expand beyond simple messaging. We're talkin' a fully-loaded enterprise social suite. 

"Social networking has revolutionized how we communicate with our friends and family and it will have an equally dramatic impact on the business world,” said David Sacks, Yammer CEO. “Our mission is to bring this revolution inside the enterprise. We believe that every company’s people, communication and culture will eventually revolve around a private and secure enterprise social network.”

Sounds very much like Benioff's aim to us, and Yammer is no small cookie. The platform has been making serious moves all year, and scored US$ 10 million in funding back in February. 

We'd say is in a comfortable place for now, but the arena is certainly starting to heat up. For more info about their mobile endeavor, head on over here