Skype Goes Beyond the Desktop, Heads for the Web
Happy Monday and welcome to the rumor mill. Over the weekend, Skype (news, site) news suggested the popular VoIP service was gearing up to release some new Web-based products. Today we’ve additional details, including when you can probably expect them and integrations to look out for.

The buzz began when several job postings on Skype’s website indicated the company was looking to build a team of cloud and web technology engineers. According to the postings, team is being designed in order to build an infrastructure capable of supporting hundreds of millions of users, and a product which will deliver voice, video, chat and presence to the Internet.

Most recent whispers say Skype is aiming to launch the service in the first quarter of next year, with a high likelihood of integrations on multiple partner sites such as LinkedIn.

Moving On Up

The move isn't a surprising one on Skype's part. As Google sinks its talons further into the web-based calling market with Google Voice, Skype's need to pull out the big guns increases. Accordingly, Skype has also smartly targeted a company that is fast becoming Google's arch nemesis: Facebook.

After deepening their Facebook integration in October, Skype showed signs of taking things a step further when app developer Tal Ater's noted the “VideoChat” object in Facebook’s code:


(Photo credit: Tal Ater)

"What is even more interesting is that the object has several properties which refer to Skype, and clearly suggest being able to video chat with Skype users, or maybe even associate your Skype id with your facebook identity," wrote Ater.

In combination with a web-based solution, Skype's Facebook-related offerings would surely draw in a number of customers, as well as keep the company afloat next to Google.

Aside from that, the VoIP company is also rumored to be checking out the enterprise game. Integrations of their services into, say, Microsoft's cloud offerings, would certainly make for a good fight, but we'll have to wait and see.