Social Media Minute: Facebook Job App Goes Viral, SlideShare Gets LinkedIn

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Social media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here are the week's top stories in scan-friendly format:

  • BranchOut Grows: Proving Facebookers Desire Professional Networking
  • SocialText Adds Social Interaction to Project Management Tools
  • SlideShare Integrates Further with LinkedIn
  • One in Five of All Grandparents Use Social Networks

BranchOut Proves Facebookers Want Professional Networking

When you think of "professional" social networking, what tool or site comes to mind? Most likely it's LinkedIn, the social site tailored for professionals in organizations. Enter BranchOut, a Facebook application that gives Facebook users a professional networking capability. The app hit a huge usage metric this week, showing that Facebook users desire to engage with their professional peers.

BranchOut has grown its active user count 32,897 to 718,367 in just one week after a recent re-design, according to Inside Facebook. BranchOut claims to have done it without increasing marketing and the stark usage growth shows that users desire this type of functionality. The growth also speaks well for other recruiting tools that wish to use Facebook apps to engage potential users. BranchOut focuses on job listing and helping users get job referrals.

When BranchOut debuted, it contained spammy questions and because the redesign focuses on relevant job openings. more Facebook users gave the service a look, resulting in higher usage. Would you use Facebook to hunt for or refer people to jobs?

SocialText Adds Social Interaction to Project Management

SocialText is an enterprise social networking platform that brings the best social networking features found elsewhere online and makes them enterprise-ready for companies and workgroups. The company recently announced Socialtasks, a project management tool that integrates into SocialText. The new tools will enable teammates to more effectively track progress on tasks and projects.

The three tools consist of Page Tracker, a tool that will allow you to record tasks of "new," "in progress," "complete," or whatever tag you wish; Page watcher bots, which allow you to monitor workspace pages for changes to tags and Form Builder, which enables wiki pages to be created with specific fields for consistent formatting. These tools will be available in the third quarter to SocialText customers.

Enabling distributed teams to work collaboratively on shared tasks is a huge hurdle and these tools aim to bridge the gap. By integration task management into the already familiar social enterprise tool, SocialText will be a boon to its existing users and new ones that come on board.

SlideShare Integrates Further with LinkedIn

SlideShare is arguably the most popular platform for professionals to display and review slidedecks from presentations. The site houses videos, business documents and presentations. SlideShare has long been in in partnership with LinkedIn, but is making its relationship deeper by adding new functionality for enterprise social networkers to enjoy.

Learning Opportunities

On SlideShare, there's a new LinkedIn share button added to all SlideShare presentations that will share content in your LinkedIn stream. Also, LinkedIn is adding SlideShare to its LinkedIn Today news items.

SlideShare, with its 55 unique visitors a month, stands to benefit from the LinkedIn relationship, as many users of the two systems are likely already shared. Expect to see even more come out of this partnership

One in Five of All Grandparents Use Social Networks

Is your Grandma or Grandpa on Facebook? According to a British survey, there's a 22% chance that your grandparents are on a social network such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. By asking 1,342 grandparents in the UK, a new survey breaks down the numbers. Grandparents embracing social networks makes sense -- as more Baby Boomers try to keep tabs on old co-workers, friends and family, social networking sites allow for an engaging way to do it.

If your grandma is on a social network, odds are they are quite active. More than half of all respondents log in once a week or more, and over a third log in a few times each month. 68% of those polled said they joined their social networking the last year, showing interest is new among the grandparent-aged online community.

These numbers from the UK mirror reports from Pew and other online research firms, showing mature-aged Internet users are flocking to sites such as Facebook. If you're in a more "experienced" age group, have you embraced Facebook? And if not, why not?