Social media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here are the week's top stories in scan-friendly format:

  • Unborn, Yet Child Already Has a Facebook Page
  • Males Love Their Tech Blogs
  • Twitter Launches "Follow" Button
  • Tumblr Blog and Security Software Help Nab Laptop Thief

Unborn, Yet Child Already Has a Facebook Page

It used to be that it was a trend amongst nerdy parents-to-be to reserve a domain name or email address for their unborn child. Now it seems that expectant parents are taking a new leap: starting Facebook pages and posting 'updates' from the womb, according to the London Mail Online.

In Texas, expectant parents Matt and Ellie Green have set up a Facebook page for their soon-to-be born daughter, Marriah. The almost born baby already has 268 friends and regularly updates her status update with entries such as "oh I'm kicking my mom today or I'm doing summersaults". The couple saw Facebook as a way for friends and family to interact with the child.

Is this a novel idea or just a little too creepy? It's easy to see how giving your unborn child a voice from the womb would be a creative and fun way to interact with your friends and family. However, on the flip side, friending your unborn niece or grandchild just seems odd, for now.

Males Love Their Tech Blogs

There's no doubt that tech is a male-heavy industry, even though we all wish the opposite were true. Also, it turns out that readers of the most forward looking tech blogs are resoundingly male also. Royal Pingdom, a web monitoring company, released figures that show the most popular tech blogs are read heavily by men, with only a few exceptions.

Looking at the graphs, the only blog close to a split is Mashable, with a 60/40 male dominated audience. Other sites, such as All Things D, Apple Insider and The Unofficial Apple Weblog, are very heavily read by males, with percentages such as 8% and even 88%. TechCrunch is roughly 2/3 male with a 66% male viewership. Considering women are more active on social networks and share more on those sites as well, these figures are surprising.

Ladies, are you not into the cutting edge tech websites? Perhaps men are more likely to desire the latest news on the shiny object, whereas women, in general, spend time reading news on items that affect their daily lives. What say you, ladies? Let's sound off in the comments below.

Twitter Launches "Follow" Button

Twitter is trying to find ways to go mainstream. As the company, which is now a mature business and no longer a startup, looks to find new ways to be come sticky, it has rolled out new piece of functionality to give visibility to its services. With the Follow button, coming to a news site near you, users will be able to subscribe to the Twitter feeds of companies and individuals directly from their websites with once click.

Before this, publishers would have to show all their unique Twitter feeds to their site and ask Twitter users to "Follow us". Also, as a result of the new Follow button, Twitter is now a more of a useful tool for publishers to make it easier to disseminate content out on Twitter. For those wishing to add a Follow button to their site, go to Twitter and follow these directions.

By finding ways to conquer these small usability issues, Twitter is hoping to be easier to publishers and consumers of online content.

Tumblr Blog and Security Software Help Nab Laptop Thief

Meet Joshua Kaufman, a California resident who recently had an Apple MacBook stolen. Luckily for the owner, he installed a piece of security software called Hidden that snaps a photo using the MacBook's onboard camera. After the MacBook was stolen from Kaufman's apartment, he activated the software and was getting photos of the thief as the MacBook was being used.

Kaufman informed the Oakland Police about the stolen computer but was told they didn't have many resources to look into the issue. Then, after a Tumblr blog was set up called This Guy Has My MacBook, the site went viral. More good news came this morning as Oakland Police reportedly arrested the thief after a flood of media attention was received yesterday.

So, do you think this story is real or fabricated? It seems all fanciful, but it may just be a publicity stunt by any of the parties involved.