ADAM Secures Capital to Continue Development of DAM Solutions
ADAM (news, site) raises private capital to expand its growth and develop new markets, including the opening of a US office.

Private Money Means Expansion

Late last year, we reported on ADAM's expansion of its upper management. Now the team has the money to continue its growth in the digital asset management arena thanks to additional investment from an existing investor, Arkafund and a new fund, Parana, from which Guido Van der Schueren joins the board of directors. Being a private placement, there is no word on the figures involved in the deal.

The Belgian-based firm is expanding its reach, although it already does business in most of the world's important territories and has major contracts with the likes of Microsoft in the US.

Its soon-to-be set up US office and the experience of Guido Van der Schueren in America from his former ventures will be used to help generate further contracts and revenue.

Learn More about ADAM and DAM

Companies interested in finding out more about ADAM and DAM can attend ADAM's 2010 Kick Off meeting in Ghent, Belgium. Attendees can meet 120 professionals in the field, discuss case studies and hear about the latest developments in the digital asset management. The event takes place on January 26, if you happen to be in the area.

With free entry and ADAM 4.5 released last November, there will be plenty to discuss. Those unable to attend should keep an eye on the company blog where there are plenty of practical features as well as the latest news.