Autonomy Supports eDiscovery with new Collection to the Cloud Solution
First there was Star Trek, now there is Autonomy (news, site). The next-generation collection solution for eDiscovery and compliance has arrived, thanks to Autonomy.

Now ESI can be automatically searched, identified, preserved and collected in the cloud from laptops, desktops and more than 400 enterprise repositories, including file and email servers, archives and Microsoft SharePoint.

Archiving Data in the Cloud

Autonomy’s solution stores data in a cloud-based archive, allowing organizations to preserve and collect defensible data without worry about legal hold or compliance issues. In fact Autonomy says that their new solution enables global organizations to comply with data privacy laws around the world by being able to ensure that personal data that does not pertain to the legal case will not be collected.

Archiving data in the cloud is at the forefront of the issues facing the eDiscovery industry. But it promises to cut costs and risks associated with identifying, collecting and preserving ESI, while upholding the integrity of data and complying with government regulations.

Working Globally in the Cloud

Putting your data in the cloud aims to solve many of the challenges that competing in the global marketplace brings. Because legacy solutions cannot effectively identify and collect data without a continuous, high-bandwidth connection, Autonomy’s platform allows organizations to analyze and pre-cull data in-place with advanced conceptual search capabilities and then collect the relevant data directly to the cloud.

It securely identifies data sources, distributes client software, and preserves and collects a forensically sound copy of relevant information directly to Autonomy's secure cloud-based archive, the Digital Safe.

eDiscovery is headed for the clouds. We’re sure to see more companies move their records management into the clouds. Who is next?