SpringCM 5.0

SpringCM Inc., a known SaaS Enterprise CMS player, has released the newest version of its SpringCM product -- v5.0. It is touted as the “first SaaS platform that allows companies to easily deploy multiple content-centric applications” across different enterprise workgroups, making it easier for value added resellers (VARs) to build repeatable and cost-effective applications for their customers.

Learning Opportunities

The yummiest part of the new release is SpringCM’s integration with 22 Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technologies spanning imaging, document capture, business process automation, e-mail and records management, etc. – catering to such audiences as accounts payable, logistics, contract, proposal and records management and compliance.

By introducing (as put by Dan Carmel, CEO of SpringCM) “the new way of doing business,” SpringCM 5.0 provides an innovative solution that reduces the cost of development and speeds the implementation of applications that primarily deal with content such as documents and document images.

Carmel adds: “The traditional approach of taking an installed system and spending significant sums on customization and integration is cost prohibitive, especially given the current economic conditions. The SpringCM platform allows applications to be developed once and deployed many times, with all the SaaS advantages of low cost, rapid user adoption, and full integration with other systems via Web services.”

SpringCM 5.0 Highlights

Solutions partners use the SpringCM platform to configure application templates complete with customized menus and toolbars, folder and metadata models, workflow templates, custom reports and eForms.
The SpringCM 5.0 platform also enables integrations with third-party systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Once an application is tested and approved, the complete application can be cloned to any SpringCM user account, thereby enabling broad access to the same identical application.
The SpringCM 5.0 platform can offer great functionality for the following:
  • Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can use theSpringCM platform to create an on-demand version of their offering,thereby entering the SaaS market with minimal capital and time investment.
  • Consulting organizations can use the SpringCM platform to create repeatablesources of revenue and new services without the cost and distraction ofdeveloping and managing technology.
  • Document services organizations such as Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs) andscanning bureaus can now build value-add applications that reduce cost ofdelivery and tie services to process automation
  • Manufacturers of scanners, printers, fax and copy machines candevelop applications that link these devices to SaaS-based documentmanagement to deliver repeatable applications, and create higher-levelvalue propositions and market differentiation, while increasing userretention.
Toby Bell, research vice president at Gartner, says “Content-enabled vertical applications (CEVAs) help to automate complex processes that previously either required workers to sort through paper manually or review other forms of content inefficiently. CEVAs help reduce the cost of exception handling and optimize the rest of the work by applying better process controls and analytics. CEVAs are a mix of content, process, and domain expertise that results in repeatable and reusable models and solutions. This will be very attractive to business buyers of technology.”

SpringCM and Current State of SaaS ECM

We have been talking about SaaS a lot lately. SpringCM says that there’s a problem with the ECM space today, because there’s no “E” in ECM. ECM vendors require many different technologies and high integration costs.
According to SpringCM, no existing ECM vendor addresses a majority of needs that revolve around full integration and standardization. As a result, organizations are facing higher TCO for department apps development, increasing software needs, longer lead times and higher risk of being successful.
Calling the ECM products available today nothing but “shelfware,” SpringCM stresses the unique advantage of SaaS as an ECM offering. Advantages of SaaS ECM are highlighted in the focus of delivering a seamless user experience across many ECM technologies and addressing 80-90% of what organizational needs.
While the “Integrate once, amortize across all platforms” rule may sound reasonable to many organizations, others may still be wary of SaaS due to possible volatility of this approach to content management -- especially, in the ECM arena. At the same time, some offer a bright outlook on SaaS.