Being selected as a finalist in the 2010 CODiE awards wasn't enough for Coveo (news, site), they just had to go out and make some more improvements to their enterprise search engine? What's new? A little bit of Enterprise 2.0, Outlook and Analytics.

Enterprise Search Doesn't Stand Alone

Enterprise Search Platform Version 6.1 is fresh out the door and there are a number of enhancements in this latest version:

  • Connecting to Enterprise 2.0 solutions: Coveo 6.1 can index social computing platforms such as Jive's SBS and Atlassian's Confluence. A number of out-of-the-box connectors will let you search across these systems and view results with results from other enterprise systems.
  • Mashups and Dashboards: Coveo provides the ability to index content from a number of different systems housing both structured and unstructured information. You can then take this unified view of information and create composite views or dashboards.
  • Search Analytics: Want to know how people are using your system? Coveo's search analytics provide stats on the usage, relevance and completeness of your information, helping you understand where you need to focus your efforts to better manage your organization's knowledge.
  • New Search Interfaces: A couple of new ways to use Coveo come with version 6.1 including an Outlook Sidebar that will allow you to work within the environment you know best and find information there or across the enterprise. In addition there's a new floating desktop Searchbar that can be seen "floating" over your windows applications.


Coveo Outlook Sidebar

Along with all this new functionality, Coveo 6.1 has increased indexing speeds for your large indexes, added mirror synchronization and high query volume support.

Coveo has an "Expresso" version that contains some of this capability. You can view the differences between the two and decide which one may be best for you.