Is your ECM ready to move to the cloud? Is collaboration the end of process? Is your Web project going well? These are just a few of the questions our experts answered in this week's roll-up.

Is Your Enterprise CMS Ready to Move to the Cloud?

"While the benefits of cloud computing have been documented in many different studies and research papers, and many companies are looking to move to the cloud to solve IT problems related to cost, ease of deployment and scalability — among others — the question as to whether they actually should is still open to debate. Nowhere is this more relevant than in enterprise content management."

Is Collaboration the End of Process?

"I understand where this question comes from — if you're a "collaborator" you must somehow be opposed to process. Not true. A process (in the more ideal than evil world) is an embodiment of learning. It's a way to automatically follow some best practices so that you don't have to expend effort or brain cells figuring out how to do it. It scales very well defined tasks, and ensures compliance with various rules, regulations and policies. Processes have their limitations — they aren't good at learning, experimenting or adapting. Which is of course what collaboration is extremely good at.

So in this "more ideal than evil" world we try to arrange for ourselves, we want to be collaborators — supported by processes."

Interview: Top SharePoint Records Management Blogger, Don Lueders, Has Some Choice Words For You

", Don Lueders' blog, is one of the top resources on — you guessed it — Records and Information Management functionality in SharePoint. His tenure with the product extends back several years. I cajoled Don into sharing a few comments on his work for this audience."

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