EntropySoft (news, site) continues its mission to provide easy information access with a new connector for Microsoft Exchange 2007 and 2010 that can connect to mailboxes and public folders and supports all items available through web services.

The new Web Services Exchange connector, which adds to the list of  connectors EntropySoft has already developed, enables any third party product or application find, create, delete and update services -- including calendar, contacts  and distribution lists.

Microsoft Exchange Connector

The connector for Microsoft Exchange is much like the connectors for other products in that it that they all support the underlying features of the applications that are being connected.

In the case of Exchange, this means that as well as supporting everything associated with web services, it also has a read and write capacity as well as support from all authentication modes such as NTLM and Kerbos.

It also comes with a repository discovery feature that caters for dynamic mailbox discovery with a single connector configuration for all mailboxes.

The new connector is not the only connector for web services that now includes EMC Documentum, SharePoint, Alfresco, IBM FileNet P8 and many others.

In fact, the company says that this group of connectors contains almost 40 different connectors to different repositories enabling enterprises to integrate pretty much any of the repositories that they are using.

This one also uses a fully documented API as the other connectors and can be used with EntropySoft’s other products including Content Hub and Content ETL. The result, the company says, is that it any content movement to and from Exchange is not just possible but also easy.

Tracking Repository Changes

One of the really interesting features with this connector is that EntropySoft added it to the list of connectors that come with the “track repository changes” feature introduced by the company in September last year into six different connectors.

It gives users a listing of documents that have been added, edited and deleted in the repository since the last time they requested a list of changes.

Changes that it records include changes to the content itself, the metadata and the permissions. Search indexes need to be kept up to date to ensure results are accurate and available only to the proper people. This is where this new feature will be a welcome addition to the connectors.

The ability of the connector to service enterprises is also enhanced by the fact that it can work with CMIS (web services and REST implementations), Java, java remote and .NET.