Gilbane Boston 2011: Exploring Emerging Content, Social Technologies
Whether you’re fully immersed within a world of content management or you’re just getting acquainted with digital marketing across multiple platforms, Gilbane Boston 2011 may be worth the price of admission.

ECM + Multichannel Engagement

This year, GIlbane, well known for its content technologies insights, hosts its annual web and enterprise content management conference in Boston between November 29 and December 1, 2011. Attendees can follow four tracks, including

  • Colleagues & Collaboration
  • Cross-Media Publishing
  • Customers & Engagement
  • Content Technology

Gilbane Boston also offers a variety of speakers, from content strategists, marketing analysts, executives and research directors with experience across different industries, from higher education, interactive marketing and enterprise communications.

Learning Opportunities

While the conference schedule is jam-packed with relevant, interesting and engaging sessions, here are a few we’re excited to attend.

Managing Digital Assets in the New Multi-channel World

  • Speakers: David Lipsey, SVP, Business Development & Digital Media Services EVNN Digital Media Services (moderator); Faith Robinson, Director ECM & DAM, Hasbro Inc; Melissa Webster, Program Vice President, Content & Digital Media Technologies, IDC
  • Track: Cross-Media Publishing
  • Description: Digital Asset Management has always been much more complicated than it sounds. The proliferation of publishing channels adds more complexity, and more cost. This session will provide perspective on what is involved and how to benchmark your efforts against other organizations with similar challenges.

Making the Case for Tweets, Friends, Likes and Pokes in the Enterprise

  • Speakers: Marc Strohlein, Principal, Agile Business Logic (moderator); Craig Hays, Senior Director & BI and Collaboration Consultant, Avanade; Joern Bodemann, CEO, e-Spirit AG
  • Track: Colleagues & Collaboration
  • Description: Social networks and tools have arrived in a big way, but many business leaders are skeptical and as a result, social initiatives are often too limited in scope. This session provides the tools to frame a business case for enterprise social tools, measure impacts, and ensure not only adoption, but also real impact on business performance. Participants will gain insight into how to transform ambitions to improved collaboration innovation into hard, fact-based business cases that resonate with corporate managers and convert skeptics to converts.

Social Matters

  • Speakers: Scott Liewehr, Senior Consultant, Web Content Management, Outsell's Gilbane Services (moderator); Georgiana Cohen, Manager, Web Content and Strategy, Tufts University & Co-founder, Meet Content; Marisa Peacock, Social Media Strategist & Marketing Consultant, & Senior Reporter
  • Track: Colleagues & Collaboration; Customers & Engagement
  • Description: With the maturation of social media, we are surrounded by calls to link our real-life activities to their online complements. In your role as a web communicator, how can you do this in a way that serves both your needs and the needs of your audiences? How can you activate the ambient intimacy and latent connectivity around you to engage your audiences with relevant content? How can you bridge online community with off-line community? Also, how can the role of a Community Manager further your engagement with visitors, and help turn content into valuable conversations? How can they help to engage, promote and monitor your communities so that you are building valuable and meaningful relationships that benefit both your company and your customers.

Marketing & IT - How to Work Together

  • Speakers: Nancy Clarke, Senior Consultant, Outsell's Gilbane Services (moderator); Chris Summers, Founder, UrbanCherry LLC; Dan Strauss, Chief Product Officer, EndPlay
  • Track: Content Technology
  • Description: One of the most striking shifts in the market for web and content technologies is the growing influence, and sometimes dominance, of marketing organizations technology selection and strategy. No surprise since the corporate website is the front door to the world. IT and Marketing need to be partners, and this means change. This session will help you think about how to have a successful partnership, especially for large-scale web initiatives.

Tackling Issues You Can No Longer Ignore

Gilbane promises to offer more than your traditional web content management issues. It also aims to explore emerging technologies and media platforms that organizations are finally having to confront and integrate into their business process. Set your Outlook calendars to "out of office" and we look forward to seeing you in Boston in November.