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The tools called WebWorks are partially still in the works, coming from an expected source – Vamosa (news, site) – and designed (as ever so slightly hinted in the name) to make the web work and work better with proper controls by web managers.

Vamosa Continues to Play in the ECoG Space

A littlewhile ago, we had a talk with Vamosa, as they were explaining they’rerecently- found fondness of Enterprise Content Governance (ECoG).

Whenthinking about ECoG, try to think around the following principles andquestions:

  • Does your website have the right level of Section 508and W3C compliance?
  • Is your brand management implementedcorrectly?
  • Are you using metadata, classifications and taxonomiesefficiently?
  • Are your internal governance processes stored andmanaged correctly?
  • What are your internal processes to reducecost?
  • What are your external processes to reduce exposure yet tomaximize compliance?

In a nutshell, ECoG gives organizationsthe ability to implement and apply controls when content is created,updated, moved or otherwise managed.

Movingonto the Web that Works

Thelatest software, WebWorks, comes shortly after Vamosa took MetaVistools on a ride around Europe. That time it was about the MetaVisArchitect Suite -- a set of tools that help manage and migrate contentwithin SharePoint. As the content governance world around SharePoint isgetting richer and richer (and more confusing) by the minute, check outour look at differences among Metalogix, MetaVis and AvePoint.

Thebeta release of WebWorks is designed to help web operations teams. WebOperations Management is (while about people) part process, part tools.Just ask Lisa Welchman, who says that web governance, as one of thecomponent of Web Operations Management (WOM), is defined as policies andstandards for web products set by authoritative administrativestructures.

Learning Opportunities

WebWorks is to be delivered as Software-as-a-Service(SaaS) collaborative portal that can be used by web teams to exercisebetter control over enterprise content.

Vamosa says that with thisnew product there’re better ways to solve the digital haystack, whilereducing the complexities of optimizing web sites by checking on themust-have elements of content governance and identifying problem areasin:

  • Accessibility
  • Compliance
  • SEO
  • Branding

And,voila, now web teams are presented with these challenges in acollaborative portal environment in a dashboard view so that they can jump right onprioritizing and resolving all the identified challenges.

AsWebWorks goes GA in July 2010, we’ll take a closer look at the productand keep you posted.

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