Equilibrium (news, site) is making big waves in the DAM segment with its MediaRich for SharePoint solution. The product allows enterprise users to manage massive amounts of video, images and other rich media. Adding a thumbnail view and metadata search to SharePoint, with batch processing and web connectivity, creates a productive system for managing a company's digital assets.

Rolling Video Now Gathers MOSS

Equilibrium is pushing further into the mainstream with its MediaRich product line entering the SharePoint market. When deployed, a vast quantity of media in many formats can be managed, sorted and altered by SharePoint users in the quest for efficient Digital Asset Management.

At its simplest, MediaRich for SharePoint improves Microsoft's product by adding thumbnail views of images, documents and videos in the libraries. This allows users to better see what content is stored. Files can then be viewed through the MediaRich Browser for a closer look. This feature also works with Office documents and PDF files as well. With large libraries of video or images, searching in MediaRich produces faster results using the metadata information.

Savings and Servings With Your Media

MediaRich gets smart by only storing the original file in SharePoint. Any cropped, edited or otherwise altered version is stored as a derivative set of information, so images are not duplicated and space is preserved. Batch processing with the Image Cart allows large numbers of images to be automatically cropped, scaled or have effects added. They can then be stored in almost any file format and FTPed to customers, e-mailed to clients or kept on SharePoint. When used in conjunction with MediaRich Server documents, images and videos can be sold online or distributed to mobile devices.

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MediaRich for SharePoint and MediaRich Server can be deployed in many scenarios

The result is savings in time and storage space. MediaRich allows users to find and work with more assets, faster. It provides an uncomplicated environment for working with documents, image and video files. Equilibrium claims that hours and even days of work can be reduced to minutes thanks to the automation and search facilities. About the only limitation we can see is that the appropriate video player must be present to play that particular format of video, a potential problem if your library has a mixed set of source files.

MediaRich for SharePoint is used in various ways. A recent partner, Associated Press uses it to automatically transcode production quality video for web on its Essential News Production System service. If your organization remains unconvinced about the value of MediaRich, then there is a free product -- MediaRich Visualizer for SharePoint -- for you to try out. It deploys the browsing side of the package at no cost.

You can take a close-up look at MediaRich and many other content management and commerce solutions from among 1,600 exhibitors at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show, taking placeApril, 18-23 at the Las Vegas Convention Center and Hilton Hotel.