The reinvention of the traditional search engine has kept many companies busy. And while consumer search engines such as Google and Bing may reign supreme, within the enterprise, search queries often require more substance and hearty discovery. Especially because the enterprise doesn’t always know what it knows, searching for information can be laborious, increasing the need for an enterprise search tool that can penetrate massive amounts of data.

A Next-Generation Search Tool

This week, Q-Sensei launched an enterprise search platform designed to give businesses a real-time view of their data, no matter the source or format, in one interface. By being able to analyze and process both structured and unstructured data from any source, from databases, document servers, SharePoint and CRM to Internet-based information or social media feeds such as Twitter and Facebook, Q-Sensei’s search capability makes search relevant again.

A 360-Degree View of Your Company's Data

As more companies attempt to manage their knowledge better, they’ll find that their information isn’t always where they think it is. Add new and emerging social technologies to the mix, as well as the numerous cloud-based applications being employed (sometimes covertly) and you’ve got a perfect storm of information circling above your head.

It’s bad enough that someone has to try to manage it all, but first they have to find it. With Q-Sensei, not only do users have a secure 360-degree view of relevant data for business analytics, statistical analyses and media and market trend tracking, they have a way to search and discover more effectively.

Q-Sensei allows users a more in-depth search experience through a few key features:

  • Multi-linear search provides easier filtering and exploration of relevant information, as well as more precise search results.
  • Real-time processing of search requests offers more personalized results, including across various verticals. It is ideally used to search financial market transactions, medical and emergency information, defense and intelligence data.
  • Community-powered search lets users contribute content and create comments and tags for search results, providing a more personalized, complete, and meaningful experience.

Q-Sensei aims to appeal to the enterprise on behalf of corporate intranet searches, organizational analytics, social searches and consumer-facing websites. With a modular structure, robust API and unrestricted scalability, Q-Sensei can fit any company, big or small, structured or unstructured.