Nuxeo 2010 Highlights, Next Gen Enterprise CMS, Plans for 2011 #nuxeoworld

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Nuxeo World -- the company’s first global customer and partner conference -- kicked off this morning in Paris. Nuxeo (news, site) CEO Eric Barroca keynoted the event with a talk on Enterprise CMS as a platform for content apps, 2010 highlights and milestones, and Nuxeo’s plans for 2011.

2010 Highlights and Milestones

As we’ve been watching Nuxeopretty closely over the past years, you are probably aware that they’vebeen quite busy bees.

Along with new customer wins in 2010 that thevendor is quite proud of, a lot has happened on the product developmentand company growth fronts.

  • The number of subscriptions and revenue consistently went up over the past year+
  • Despite the “messed up economy,” average growth was at 16% quarterly, 130% yearly

NuxeoStudio was highlighted as an advanced configuration tool for Nuxeoproducts that is fully replicable due to no runtime config. On theproduct release and update side this year, we saw:

Theamount of releases is not surprising, as Barroca mentioned that Nuxeois very agile in its approach and does a release every 4-6 weeks. Thereare some bugs every now and then, he admitted, but “they are prettyrare.”

Barroca also talked about updated target platforms (JBoss 5.x, Tomcat 6, PostgreSQL 9, Oracle11g,etc.), highlighting company’s commitment to OSGi (80% of this ECMplatform runs on bare OSGi) and, therefore, Eclipse Equinox.

Learning Opportunities

A Word on Open Source

Accordingto Barroca, open source is not just about the open code. Open source isthe company’s DNA, which translates to transparency in levels ofinformation being given to customers and community.

Some of the features that Nuxeo uses in its open development to foster collaboration and innovation include:

  • Issue Tracker
  • Build system & tools
  • Test suites & QA system
  • Documentation
  • Transparent pricing
  • Open marketing materials

If you don’t have that, said Barroca, the open code is useless.

Doingopen source as a development model allows Nuxeo to also do packagedservices as their business model. The revenue comes from sellingservices, subscriptions, online tools, support and maintenance.

Nuxeo Plans for 2011

Nuxeo’s detailed roadmap should be coming later, but Barroca gave the audience a sneak peek into the next year. Some highlights are as follows:

  • Nuxeo loves developers and will love them even more
  • Major focus is on the Documentation Center refresh project withCollaborative Documentation Center, Platform Explorer, ImplementationGuides and Integration Patterns
  • Deeper involvement with open source and open standards communities (PostgreSQL, OSGi, JBoss)
  • Community engagement via new discussion infrastructure, collaborativeQ&A, free Nuxeo Studio projects for open source plugins, new guideson how to create plugins
  • Better tooling using Eclipse PDE to create Nuxeo plugins
  • Improved Nuxeo Connect customer services with more self-service optionsderived from package and update installation with Nuxeo Marketplace andNuxeo Admin Center
  • Nuxeo cloud services – already doing AmazonEC2, plan to add support for Windows Azure for MSFT-focused customers,CMIS as a service
  • Mobility and HTML5 support to allow customers tocreate apps for mobile devices and mobilize their ECM applications; allHTML5 goodness with offline cache, upload, etc.
  • Taking OSGi to thenext level: use new runtime environment with Eclipse Virgo as defaultruntime, as well as the integration with Maven.
  • New connectors andintegrations: Nuxeo is highly involved in the CMIS community with itsApache Chemistry reference implementation of the Content ManagementInteroperability Spec. The plans include further connectors to “talk” tosearch, ERP, CRM, BPM, WCM/Social systems.