Vignette Tries Subscription-Based Licensing Model

Ever thought Vignette was way too expensive for your content management heart's desires? Now, there may be a way to rethink this.

Today, Vignette Corporation (news, site) announced new licensing models for its web content management solutions, including a subscription-based model.

Vignette Web Content Management Suites

New pricing is now available for the Vignette Web Content Management Suite, which goes for approximately US$ 200,000.

Vignette QuickSite is a possible add-on to go with the suite, if you’re looking for fixed-cost professional services to deploy VCM on your site(s). Vignette QuickSite is priced at about US$ 100,000.

The Vignette Web Content Management Enhanced Suite is another option. It offers more features (workflow, rich media management, etc.) and costs in the neighborhood of US$ 400,000. Information on Vignette’s web content management products can be found here.

Vignette’s Subscription-Based Pricing

Vignette also did something it has never done before -- introduced a brand new subscription-based licensing model. With the word on the street saying that Vignette’s price list is a tad too long, a bit confusing and the expense is too high, Vignette seems to be trying to address some of those concerns.

The new subscription-based licensing models should allow organizations to buy some Vignette content management solutions at a lower initial investment rate. Over time, this expense can be treated as an operational expenditure, easing the tight budget stress.

The pricing for Vignette Web Content Management Suite is about US$ 9,000 per month with a one-year commitment. The Vignette Web Content Management Enhanced Suite will cost you approximately US$ 18,000 per month with a one-year commitment.

“The fact that we’re the first enterprise Web content management vendor to offer subscription-based pricing is proof of our innovative outlook in a challenging economy,” said Dave Dutch, senior vice president of products and marketing, Vignette.

Innovating or Following?

Speaking of innovation… We should remind you that there are quite a few other examples of pay-as-you-go, by-the-slice licensing models in the world of enterprise and web content management.

Alfresco on the commercial open source ECM front is a prime example. Alfresco has a yearly subscription-based model based on the number of CPUs. It starts at around US$ 10,000 (equaling to about US$ 830 per month).

MOSS offers some flexible licensing options too, as CMS Watch’s Kas Thomas noted before.

At the beginning of this year, Day Software also tried this licensing approach with their CRX releases, offering them at a starting fee of US$18,500 per server per year (roughly, US$ 1,540 per month).

Ingeniux -- a traditional, Microsoft-oriented commercial Web CMS vendor -- started selling its Ingeniux CMS "by the slice" last year starting at around US$ 1,900 per month. Ingeniux, though, sells as a SaaS model instead of as a subscription.

While these comparisons may not necessarily fall on the same short-list with Vignette, the subscription-based licensing model is used quite widely in the content management space.

Will customers find value in this new proposition? Will this model help Vignette’s balance sheet? What do you think?