Build Enterprise Apps With Kapow Kapplets, No Coding Required

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Kapow Software has released Kapow Katalyst 9.0, a new version of its application integration software that can simplify workflows and automate data intensive systems into customizable apps.

Because we are all about working smarter, anything that simplifies the way we work with huge amounts of data is a welcome sight. How about making that invoice system a bit more intuitive while at the same time synching it up with customer records? With Kapow Kapplets, that data can be built into an easy to lightweight app even without any API support.

In House Enterprise Apps

Any company that has large stores of data already knows how important it is to harness that information for new insights and positive results. However, if that data is not connected to the cloud or if it doesn't play so nice with more modern systems, then the Kapow system could be the right answer. Set up new automated workflows with a more refined interface for non IT workers.

Kapow Kayalyst 9.0 can automate Salesforce Cloud apps, SharePoint, email, Lotus Notes, Oracle and SAP ERP, invoice systems and partner portals. It can also be used to migrate contentwithout the heavy lifting of traditional data entry. Additionally,cloud apps, legacy systems, flat files, password-protected sites,invoice tools and partner apps can all be connected into simplified appsthat can be added to and further customized as ever more data poursinto those systems.

Learning Opportunities


Turn this manual workflow into an automated system, and build custom apps without hand coding.

Harness Big Data

Kapow has also introduced a new Hadoop connector and an Informatica PowerExchange tool for Kapow Katalyst Adaptor. The Hadoop connector offers a tool for automating and extracting information for loading to big data frameworks. To better integrate unstructured data from virtually any website, there's the Informatica PowerExchange for Kapow Katalyst Adaptor.

These are the kinds of tools that can improve analytics and make customizing workflows even more relevant and precise. Tell us in the comments if your company has been looking at building enterprise apps and if this might be a tool you'd consider.