Enterprise data management technology vendor Kapow Software is partnering with global information management solutions provider SDL’s web content management (WCM) division to automate the migration of legacy digital assets to the SDL Tridion WCM application. The Kapow Katalyst application integration platform can now automatically access, transform and migrate legacy digital assets, such as web content and metadata without causing business disruptions for the end user.

Giving Marketers Easier Access to Data

Kapow Katalyst extracts digital assets from sources including websites, unstructured files and databases, and applies business rules to map source content directly into SDL Tridion content templates. SDL Tridion is designed to provide marketing users with access to data that will help them perform multichannel brand management, promotions and customer engagement. By providing automated migration, the vendors intend to reduce the time and expense of manually extracting, coding and inputting data from varied digital sources into Tridion.

Following in Hippo Footsteps

Other vendors of WCM and content management system (CMS) have already created automated migration links to Kapow solutions. For example, in November 2009, CMS vendor Hippo partnered with Kapow to give users of Hippo CMS 7.2 access to the Kapow Web Data Server. More recently, Kapow teamed with data integration specialist Informatica Corporation to release Informatica PowerExchange for Kapow Katalyst, which the companies said would help Informatica users obtain an “expanded view” of their customers and business trends with data from social media and websites.

Nobody Wants to ‘Mine’ Data

The main reason vendors of WCM and CMS technology enter partnerships with enterprise data management providers such as Kapow is quite simple: while everybody talks about the importance of “data mining,” nobody really wants to “mine” data. Mining is a laborious, painstaking, time-consuming and expensive process where tons of rock and debris must be cleared to find small nuggets of value. This is just as true for those mining for customer insights as it is for those mining for diamonds.

Learning Opportunities

And while coal miners try to develop automated ways to speed up extracting their valuable content, such as blowing the tops off mountains (strictly an example, I do not mean to start a discussion on the pros and cons of this controversial mining method), data miners are turning to automation and optimization tools that save them some of the headaches associated with maintaining and drilling down into databases.

Automated migration of legacy content that may hold valuable marketing information can play a big part in easing the burden of data miners as they sift through terabytes and petrabytes of information looking for online conversations, transactional histories, and other pieces of data that provide value.