ON24 Brings Real Engagement to Virtual Events

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ON24 Brings Real Engagement to Virtual Events
We all know what it’s like when our eyes are bigger than our stomachs. When your ideas are bigger than your technology, it can feel similar. What was I thinking? How is this not a viable option? Great ideas are only as rewarding as the ability to execute them successfully and now thanks to ON24, they just got easier, too.

ON24 is a provider of webcasting and virtual event solutions. Today, it's released a widget architecture and a set of application widgets designed to increase engagement, activity and functionality within the virtual event environment. 

One Widget, Any Platform

Thanks to a struggling economy, pinching pennies has become a mainstay. As well, a growing mobile workforce has made traveling from company meeting to sales training obsolete. Now, you’re more likely to attend an event virtually, from the comfort of a coffee shop or global office. But virtual events, while convenient and efficient, often lack the social engagement and networking that attending in person can provide.

Yet we have all had great ideas about how we could revolutionize the online event. What if you could integrate a live Twitter feed or allow online attendees to network together in real time? With ON24’s “One Widget, Any Platform” architecture strategy, you can. ON24 can develop one widget and make it available on any of its Flash solutions, including ON24’s Webcasting Platform 10, Virtual Show and Virtual Briefing Center.

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Example of On24's widget application platform

Learning Opportunities

Virtual Engagement

Now event planners and third-party developers can come together to take webcasting to the next level. With more than 50 widgets already available, customers have the ability to pick and choose the right widget, or they can create their own. New widgets that are now available include the following:

  • Breakout Session -- Designed for lead generation applications, the Breakout Session Widget allows ON24 customers to “guide” their attendees from a general webcast to a more specific follow-on session. A breakout session can be any type of live interaction, including a webcast, web conference, group chat or moderated Q&A, or on-demand content, such as a pre-recorded webcast, video or white paper.
  • Idea Widget -- Designed for applications where brainstorming, feedback or focus group functionality is desired, clients can ask for ideas or pose questions, and attendees can post their ideas or responses, comments or rank ideas.
  • LinkedIn -- Designed for lead generation and business collaboration applications, the LinkedIn widget enables attendees to retrieve their LinkedIn feeds and display them within ON24’s applications. With the LinkedIn widget, attendees can share messages, add comments and invite people to join their networks.
  • Facebook -- Also designed for lead generation applications, the Facebook widget enables attendees to view their activity feed and share messages with their Facebook friends from ON24’s applications.
  • Yammer -- With the ON24 widget built for Yammer, employees can retrieve their Yammer feeds and display them within ON24’s applications. It can be used to engage in discussions and brainstorming, while providing real-time feedback.

The ON24 Widget Architecture also provides reporting and analytics on both an individual and summary level. Overall usage is tracked, as well as activities within the widgets, so you can see who posted a message to Facebook or provided feedback via the Idea Widget.

Thanks to ON24, hosting an online event can save time and money, while providing attendees an opportunity to engage with others, provide insight in real time about their experience and allow meeting organizers to track engagement and activity throughout.