Our industry event planner gives you the heads-up on what key industry events are coming around the corner. If we've missed something, don’t hesitate to add your event to the list. (You can view the full calendar here.)

Webinar: Mastering Content Marketing with Robert Rose
Learn the fundamentals of Content Marketing from the author of the leading book on the subject. 

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July Events

July 25 (Online): July Tweet Jam: Leading With Content Marketing #CXMChat

Join us on Wednesday, July 25 at 10 am PST / 1 pm EST / 1700 GMT for our monthly Tweet Jam. We welcome the broader CMSWire community to participate as we spend an hour discussing how content marketing can bring value to all aspects of the customer journey.

July 25 (Los Angeles): OMMA Data and Targeting Los Angeles 2012

Big data comes with big promises – to find new audiences, inform creative, drive media buying efficiencies, find core constituencies. But what has it done for us lately? We start OMMA Data and Targeting with a gut check of how these two concepts really are coming together to improve campaign effectiveness and efficiency. Our agency panel of buyers and planners talk out of cases, good and bad, to identify where and whether these intricate new layers of data, and which ones, are working. 

July 25 - 27 (Seattle): MozCon Seattle 2012

Want to learn something that will blow your mind with awesome? MozCon is the place for you. Join us for a three day deep-dive into advanced search engine optimization, social media, conversion rate optimization, content marketing, analytics, and more. Amazing speakers, who live on the edge of innovation, share their insights and best tips. You’ll be taking notes like crazy and applying them to your sites. Level up your knowledge.

July 25 - 28 (Brazil): International Free Software Forum Brazil 2012

In 13 years, the International Free Software Forum - fisl has grown and matured as the most significant Free Software (and culture!) meeting in Latin America. Worldwide famous, fisl is the result of work, collaboration and involvement of thousands of people who believe in Free Software and in the strength of the community, both in Brazil and abroad. Join fisl, be it the first time or another one. Get involved, collaborate, teach and learn. Support the efforts of a community that believes in the power of sharing. Be aware of the new stuff in the website, which will be updated constantly, up to July.

July 26 - 27 (San Francisco): Cooper U Design Collaboration and Communication San Francisco 2012

Our experienced designers show how to use the power of storytelling to persuade the stakeholders the solution is the best way to satisfy customers and accomplish business goals. Helping stakeholders to understand the intent and value of the design vision early in the process, will result in less shifting of requirements later on. After that, we teach how to document the expected form and behavior in enough detail that programmers can build it. This 2-day class explores techniques for collaborating effectively within design teams, and for communicating design among team members and out to stakeholders throughout the project and product lifecycle.

July 26 - August 1 (Spain): GUADEC Spain 2012

GUADEC (the GNOME Users and Developers' European Conference) is not just a software conference. Topics will range from the future directions of the GNOME Project, Unix, GNU/Linux and Free and Open Source software to cutting edge features, development techniques, and new ideas on technology and culture. The venue in the northwest region of Spain will include beach time, tourism, sports and local traditions.

July 27 (Melbourne): Last Day Melbourne 2012

LAST Day Melbourne is a one day, low cost, grassroots mini-conference for Lean, Agile, and Systems Thinking practitioners. The day will be structured to allow participation and interaction via workshops and activities, rather than death by projector. This is a one day mini-conference, aimed at practioners who are working with Lean, Agile, or Systems Thinking techniques. The primary audience is the Melbourne practitioner community, although you're also welcome if you are from out of town. The day will be participatory, and collaborative. Workshops, activities, and discussions are favoured ahead of one person speaking at the front of the room in front of a slide deck.

July 27 - 28 (Washington): CapitalCamp Washington 2012

CapitalCamp is the DrupalCamp for Washington, DC! We bring together developers, designers, open gov advocates, IT managers and anyone else that wants to find out more about Drupal. Taking place at George Washington University in the Marvin center, CapitalCamp will feature panels on important technology trends within Drupal, and also address Drupal-related development, design, strategy, and business topics.

July 28 - 29 (Ohio): PyOhio 2012

PyOhio is an annual conference for Python programmers in and around Ohio and the entire Midwest. PyOhio is a great venue to get word out about your favorite Python library and how you use it, talk about how Python is used in your company, or practice your speaking in front of a welcoming audience.

July 28 - 29 (Vermont): Burlington Ruby Conference 2012

Burlington Ruby Conference is a gathering of web application developers, program, designers and enthusiasts in the Ruby and Ruby on Rails communities with the following featured topics: the 4 Hour Work Week for Ruby Hackers, untangling the resourceful web with Renee, postgreSQL, volunteers, not employees, location based apps and JavaScript Web Applications and Asynchronous Interfaces.

July 29 - 31 (Minneapolis): GR8Conf US 2012

GR8 US is a conference dedicated to Groovy, Grails, Griffon and other GR8 technologies in Minneapolis, MN. This year's conference will feature four concurrent tracks over two days. There will be 3 keynote addresses by Graeme Rocher, Dierk König, and Dr. Venkat Subramaniam. Lunch will be provided both days with a sponsored happy hour on Monday night. Sunday, July 29th will be dedicated to 4 workshops on two concurrent tracks. The workshops will be at an extra cost to attendees to cover costs for the extra day.

July 30 - August 2 (San Francisco): Cooper U: UX Bootcamp San Francisco 2012

Cooper's UX Boot Camp is an intensive, immersive four-day design training class targeting designers, developers, and product managers who have product design experience but want to take their product design skills and processes to the next level. In short, it's where people become design leaders. Guided by industry experts, students will learn Cooper's goal-directed design process while working on a real-world product for nonprofit, WomensEarthAlliance.org (WEA). The class is built around hands-on activities, conducted in pairs and small teams.

July 30 - August 6 (San Francisco): SANS San Francisco 2012

SANS is bringing five IT security courses, two network and malware forensics courses, and two short, skills-based courses to the Bay Area for SANS San Francisco 2012, July 30-August 6. This includes some of the most advanced courses SANS offers such as Forensics 610 on Reverse-Engineering, Security 660 on Advanced Penetration Testing, and Security 710 on Advanced Exploit Writing! Enhance your skills by taking advantage of SANS security training loaded with practical tools and cutting-edge information. You'll see why SANS is the most trusted source in computer security training, certification, and research.

July 31 (New York): Social Curation Summit New York 2012

Social Curation Summit is the must-attend event for anyone focused on the proliferation of visual social networks and the diverse array of content curation services that have drawn the attention of users, investors and brands alike. Discover how brands and retailers across a wide range of business verticals can use curated stories, pictures, and videos to highlight creativity and innovation. Considering that social curation and visual commerce cuts across all age, gender and demographic boundaries, this is one event that you can't afford to miss!

July 31 - August 5 (Milwaukee): TypeCon2012: MKE SHIFT Milwaukee

This year’s incredible conference program has been coming together at a record pace and we’re eager to share it with you. Some of the brightest names in type and design will be sharing their knowledge and skills during TypeCon2012. Presentations and workshops will explore topics such as: the library of the future; Marshall McLuhan and design; vernacular lettering; identity development with students; Cherokee syllabary; typeface legibility; the changing world of font licensing and so much more.

August Events

August 1 (St. Louis): StampedeCon Missouri 2012

Big Data is everywhere. Healthcare, defense, biomedicine, social media, retail – these industries and many others are dealing with the data deluge. Much like a stampede, this data is coming at you from all sides. ///StampedeCon_2012 is an affordable national Big Data conference to be held in centrally-located St. Louis, MO on August 1, 2012. Whether you’re an expert or just getting started with Hadoop, Big Data or Data Science, ///StampedeCon_2012 will provide value through presentations.

August 1 - 3 (Minneapolis): SharePoint Information Architecture Training Minneapolis 2012

A three day SharePoint Information Architecture workshop lead by taxonomy, metadata and search expert, Seth Earley, CEO of Earley & Associates. Recognized as experts with 18 years of best practice development in content management and search optimization, this course teaches you the proven methodologies and techniques developed by Earley & Associates. You will gain fluency in consulting approaches for deriving user requirements, translating those into a vision of a solution and creating the information management components in SharePoint. The course is unique in the level of attention given to content type definition, taxonomy, and metadata.

August 3 - 4 (Pittsburgh): Steel City Ruby Conf Pittsburgh 2012

Steel City Ruby Conf is a single-track conference. That means everyone attending the conference has the same shared experience and there’s no need to worry about choosing between two awesome talks. Each talk is only 30 minutes with a 30 minute break in-between to allow for the all-important Hallway Track™. We believe the hallway track is just as important as the speaking track, so we devote an equal amount of time to each.

August 3 - 5 (Des Moines): Central Iowa Software Symposium 2012

This conference will focus on the latest technologies and best practices emerging in the enterprise software development space. Our speakers are authors, consultants, open source developers, and recognized industry experts. NFJS brings a high quality conference to your city, making the event accessible not only to senior engineers, but to the whole team.

August 6 - 8 (Washington DC): An Event Apart DC 2012

An Event Apart DC features 12 great speakers and sessions. Following the two-day conference comes an intense full-day workshop on Responsive Design led by Ethan Marcotte (author, Responsive Web Design, A Book Apart, 2011). An Event Apart is an intensely educational two-day conference for passionate practitioners of standards-based web design. If you care about code as well as content, usability as well as design, An Event Apart is the conference you’ve been waiting for.

August 6 - 10 (Redmond): Visual Studio Live! Redmond 2012

Visual Studio Live! Redmond is where developers, software architects and designers will connect for five days of unbiased and cutting-edge education on the Microsoft platform. With 60+ sessions lead by industry experts and Microsoft insiders, you will walk away from this event having expanded your .NET skills and the ability to build better applications. The best part? Visual Studio Live! is returning to Microsoft Headquarters in Redmond, Washington for the third year running! Get on board “the mothership” to meet the experts and get an insider's look at life on Campus.

August 7 - 8 (Minnesota): DITA Getting Started Minnesota 2012

The DITA: Getting Started workshop delivers a comprehensive introduction to the DITA 1.2 standard, providing participants with an in-depth look at the end-to-end DITA information development environment. This training begins with the conceptual and practical challenges of moving from a book-based to topic-based architecture, then quickly progresses into hands-on exercises in an XML authoring environment. In the exercises, participants are guided through the process of making a DITA content plan, creating DITA source topics, assembling the topics into DITA maps, applying metadata, and publishing through the DITA-Open Toolkit.

August 7 - 10 (Montreal): Balisage: The Markup Conference Montreal 2012

Balisage is an annual conference devoted to the theory and practice of descriptive markup and related technologies for structuring and managing information. The conference takes its name from the French term for ‘markup’, in a friendly gesture towards the city of Montréal, where for years people interested in markup have met each August for informed technical discussion, occasionally impassioned debate, good coffee, and the incomparable ambience of one of North America's greatest cities. (Despite the Francophone name, however, conference sessions, events, and publications are in English.)

August 8 (Online): (Webinar) Rethinking Web Engagement - Leading with Content Marketing

Join CMSWire, Robert Rose and Ian Truscott — Learn how the practice of content marketing is changing the game for lead nurturing and web engagement management. As marketers we need to rethink our Web Engagement strategy. The new web engagement needs to be infused with content marketing at every step along the buyer's journey. Join us as we explore how real marketers can rethink web engagement management — so that they are solving their customer's larger needs and wants at any stage. This makes for better marketing, more effective sales — and more efficient customer service.

August 8 (San Francisco): PR News' SEO Workshop San Francisco 2012

Learn how to optimize all your content—including Web sites, press releases, blogs, social media content and video—and develop habits that keep your messages at the top of search results. This workshop will provide you with strategies to use keywords and key phrases in press releases; optimize your organization's Facebook page for search; manage brand reputation by moving negative coverage further down search results; and how to measure the results of your efforts for senior management.

August 8 (Santa Clara): Cassandra Summit Santa Clara 2012

In its third year, the Cassandra Summit is the premier global conference for the Apache Cassandra Community. This year's Summit will feature three tracks of break out sessions. Sessions will provide use cases and technical talks from the world's leading Cassandra experts and users. The event will also feature breakout rooms for smaller workshops and birds of a feather sessions. This year's Cassandra Summit will feature an all-day Meet the Experts salon, free for all attendees, where you can bring your toughest questions and work through them with a top Cassandra engineer.

August 9 (San Francisco): PR News' The Big Conference San Francisco 2012

Is social media a big deal to you and your stakeholders? Then join us on August 9 in San Francisco (the day after PR News' SEO Workshop) when we zero in on the Big 3 social media platforms: Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. We’ll show you how you can make the most of your time and resources to unleash the power of these networks and take your social media communications to new heights.  This one-of-a-kind conference gathers leaders in the Big 3 social networks for just one day in beautiful San Francisco.

August 9 (Online): (Webinar) Performance Tips for Drupal Website Builders

This presentation is designed to give site builders the knowledge and tools to build high-performance web sites without even touching PHP or the command-line. The Drupal community is ripe with ready-built modules and best practices that can significantly improve the performance of any Drupal site. Use the rapid site building modules to get your site up and running, then learn how to cut those page load times!

August 10 - 11 (Kuala Lumpur): Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge Malaysia 2012

This course will introduce you to the world of cloud computing security. The course prepares you to take the certification examination by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). On passing the examination, you will obtain the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK). This examination provides a consistent way of developing cloud security competency and provides, both organisations and agencies, the confidence they need to adopt secure cloud solutions.

August 12 - 14 (New York): Affiliate Summit East 2012

This three day conference includes an exhibit hall with affiliate merchants, vendors, and networks, as well as multiple tracks of educational sessions covering the latest trends and information from affiliate marketing experts.

August 13 - 14 (Jakarta): Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge Indonesia 2012

This course will introduce you to the world of cloud computing security. The course prepares you to take the certification examination by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). The CCSK certification programme was only recently launched in September 2010 by the Cloud Security Alliance. It is the industry's first user certification programme for secure cloud computing. The CCSK is designed to ensure that a broad range of professionals with responsibility related to cloud computing have a demonstrated awareness of the security threats and best practices for securing the cloud.

August 13 - 15 (Wisconsin): That Conference Wisconsin 2012

Spend 3 days, with 1000 of your fellow campers in 150 sessions geeking out on everything Mobile, Web and Cloud at a giant waterpark. thatConference is your “Summer Camp for Geeks”. Spend three days with a thousand of your fellow campers, geeking out on everything Cloud, Web and Mobile. Your camp counselors are the best survivalists in the industry, and will make sure you leave with the skills you need. With over 125 sessions to choose from, your head may overheat, so cool off in one of the many nearby pools. Unlike your usual technology conference, you will be camping at the best waterpark in the region. Not happy with all the content we crammed under the tent? Feel free to join our open spaces and tailor your conference experience.

August 13 - 15 (New York): CRM Evolution Conference & Exhibition New York 2012

Social CRM has matured and has helped bring CRM to new levels. Younger practitioners think that CRM includes the social channels and strategies for social customers as part of a multichannel effort—probably not quite in those terms, but you catch the drift. This means at a conference that vows to be in sync with what’s going on in the industry which it plays a significant role in, these operational aspects of CRM—the nitty gritty—have to be covered as well as the truly sexy stuff around social media, communities, and customer behavior among them.

August 13 - 17 (Cupertino): DITA Boot Camp California 2012

The DITA Boot Camp covers the concepts needed to move to DITA successfully. The Boot Camp takes you from the DITA Basics to the skills you’ll need to create a specific Information Model for your organization and your content. In this workshop, you learn about structured writing, information modeling, minimalism, business-process change, and DITA authoring, publishing, and implementation. Learn the structures of the core DITA specialized information types: task, concept, and reference.

August 13 - 17 (San Francisco): SES San Francisco 2012

Marketers and SEO professionals attend SES San Francisco each year to network and learn about topics such as PPC management, keyword research, SEO, social media, local, mobile, link building, duplicate content, multiple site issues, video optimization, site optimization, usability and more. The conference offers 70+ sessions, intensive training workshops, and an expo floor packed with companies that can help you grow your business. While you're at it, network with peers and leading industry vendors.

August 13 - 17 (Dallas): Agile Dallas 2012

Come and network with the finest Agile experts, industry luminaries, thought leaders, innovating practitioners, successful experts and top authors. Immerse yourself, and your Agile teams in a world-class learning experience with unequalled access to the Agile community. In addition to sessions, you'll find casual collaboration and brainstorming is the norm, and our (in)famous Open Jam space is a 24hr a day hot bed for sharing and solving problems on the fly. Agile2012 offers multiple ‘stages’ to attract audiences with different interests. The stages within the program are proven to provide participants with a focused area of interest while offering attendees a wide choice of topics to choose from.

August 14 - 17 (Columbus): Cooper U Interaction Design Midwest Columbus 2012

Learn about Personas and Goal-Directed design from the people who invented them! Our Practicum is an intensive, hands-on workshop led by senior Cooper staff. First, we'll show you how to practice Goal-Directed Design in more depth than you'll find anywhere else, then you and a small group of professionals from around the world will put it into practice to design an example product. This course also serves as the foundation for the rest of our Cooper U curriculum.

August 16 (Anaheim): SQL Server Intelligence Conference Anaheim 2012

At The Intelligence Conference you will learn and network side by side with our expert speakers, industry visionaries and early adopter attendees. We build in ample time to connect with people before, during and after the event. Our keynote and breakout sessions are designed to highlight case-studies where forward-thinking users are getting the technology to work and changing the culture in their organizations. Get motivated and excited about your next big project! Break away from your daily routine and spend some time learning about new tools and tactics while connecting with other professionals.

August 16 (Anaheim): Anaheim SharePoint Intelligence Conference 2012

The SharePoint Intelligence Conference sessions focus on Enterprise Content Management, Power Users, Workflow, Search, Development, Business Intelligence, Infrastructure and Administration. If your role requires you to work with Microsoft Partners then the SharePoint Intelligence Conference is the right event for you. The SharePoint Intelligence Conference hosts between 20-35 Microsoft Partners with skill sets that include deployment, licensing and additional software add-ons that allow you to get the most out of SharePoint on premise or in the cloud.

August 16 - 17 (Makati CIty): Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge Philippines 2012

This course will introduce you to the world of cloud computing security. The course prepares you to take the certification examination by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). The key objectives of this course: to understand the Cloud Computing Architectural Framework, to discover Cloud Computing security challenges and to point out industry best practices and security controls recommendations for Cloud Computing.

August 19 - 22 (Dallas): XChange Conference Dallas 2012

Our agenda thoughtfully coordinates demonstration of new products, services, and solutions, insight from leading industry speakers, and unique networking opportunities to help our attendees make the most of their experience.  We also make time for recreation and celebration, presenting awards to some of the shining stars in our industry. XChange is our largest event of the year bringing together more than 250 solution provider attendees from the US and Canada.

August 19 - 22 (Nevada): Mobile Insider Summit Nevada 2012

Join the best minds in mobile for the renowned, three-day Mobile Insider Summit at Lake Tahoe this August. Join the mobile leaders from the top brands and marketers and top executives from the mobile industry as they share best practices and experiences in a think-tank environment. Come explore where mobile is headed and see case-studies on what works and what doesn't.

August 20 - 23 (San Diego): Gartner Catalyst Conference San Diego 2012

At Catalyst Conference 2012, you will interact with analysts, vendors and your peers in moderated discussions, workshops and private consultations – and leave with a new understanding of the industry's most important ideas, issues and technologies. As business expectations grow and IT choices proliferate, technology professionals need a single, trusted source of insight and advice to help inform strategic initiatives, solve tactical issues and guide crucial investment decisions. Solution? Gartner Catalyst Conference, renowned for its attendee-driven agenda, high-profile speakers and fiercely independent point of view—all designed with up-to-the minute IT relevance in mind.

August 20 - 24 (Munich): DrupalCon Munich 2012

DrupalCon is a world-class conference with a worldwide audience. If you or your organization actively use Drupal, or even if you never have but want to learn, DrupalCon is your chance to engage the community, learn from others, and share your experiences. DrupalCon Munich is a conference that will address open standards which allow separate independent systems to communicate with each other. At the same time, the conference will also emphasize the human impact of using open data.

August 21 - 22 (Denver): Social Media Strategies Summit Denver 2012

Whether your organization is just starting out or in the forefront of social media, Social Media Strategies Conference will take your social strategy to the next level. Through hands-on workshops, case studies and keynotes, our Denver conference will provide attendees with emerging strategies, tactics and the top do’s and don’ts of social media marketing. Unlike traditional conferences, Social Media Strategies Conference reveals the many secrets behind building, managing and growing successful social media platforms and strategies.

August 21 - 24 (San Francisco): UX Week San Francisco 2012

UX Week is the premier user experience design conference. Design professionals from all over the world gather for four days of community, inspiration and skills building. Adaptive Path's UX Week is the premier user experience conference. With a mix of inspiring talks from recognized thought leaders and hands-on workshops delivering takeaway skills, this event delivers for user experience professionals at all levels — directors, managers, and practitioners. Join us as we celebrate 10 years of UX Week. It just keeps getting better and better!

August 22 - 23 (Sydney): Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit Sydney 2012

The Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit provides you with a forum to meet your peers, Gartner analysts and service providers to discuss your hottest topics including cloud computing, SOA, governance, modernization, agile, event processing and more. Over two days, the Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit provides a forum to meet your peers, Gartner analysts and service providers to discuss your hottest topics including cloud computing, SOA, governance, modernization, agile and more.

August 22 - 23 (Sao Paolo): Cloud Computing World Forum Latin America 2012

Cloud Computing has become a truly mainstream form of IT delivery in the last few years, but with the evolution of the industry moving at lightning-fast pace, it’s important for businesses and organisations of all sizes to be given a clear picture of how this form of technology can improve and develop their use of IT – both in the workplace and on the move.

August 22 - 24 (Vancouver): GROW Conference Vancouver 2012

GROW is a technology conference that brings together leading entrepreneurs, thinkers, influencers and investors from Silicon Valley and Canada to inspire innovation and entrepreneurship. The social web has changed consumer expectations and empowered them with real-time information and a digital soapbox. To stay competitive, companies must create a culture of respect and openness, build a strong brand, and emotionally engage their community.

August 22 - 25 (Nevada): Social Media Insider Summit Nevada 2012

Attendees will hear case studies from leading brands who have been able to turn social media campaigns into results, the real opportunities in social shopping and why it might be worthwhile to build a brand page on Google+. There will also be sessions on the trend toward products that have social media built into their DNA, what a panel of consumers think about mobile use of social, and how brands have used a variety of social platforms – from Tumblr to LinkedIn – to build social marketing success.

August 23 (London): Office 365 Seminar London 2012

This seminar will give you an introduction to Microsoft's Cloud solution with Office 365. It is designed to ensure customers have the information they need to make their transition to the Cloud and get the most from Office 365's significant new capabilities. Whether you’re a large enterprise, a government agency, or a small start-up, Office 365 introduces a variety of new packages designed to meet the unique IT needs of organisations of all sizes. We look forward to helping your organisation discover how Office 365 can reduce costs and provide greater value.

August 23 (Chicago): CIOsynergy Chicago 2012

Over 100 IT leaders will join us on Aug 23, 2012 in Chicago; these IT leaders represent both the fortune and vast mid-market enterprise community within the Chicago metro area. An afternoon of unparalleled networking in an ultimate learning environment with the CIOs of Chicago’s enterprise arena.

August 27 - 30 (Orlando): B2B Summit Orlando 2012

At B2B Summit 2012, you’ll go beyond hearing great B2B marketing ideas to programming session with activities, working planning sessions and step-by-step case studies. Over the course of four days we’ll help you analyze your current B2B strategy, and expand your knowledge and expertise, teaching you how to optimize your marketing funnel with a systematic process for implementing proven strategies. We have every marketer covered, from foundation-level sessions to advanced practices workshops, all designed to help you get ahead – and stay ahead – of your competition.

August 28 - 30 (Toronto): SharePoint Information Architecture Training Toronto 2012

A three day SharePoint Information Architecture workshop lead by taxonomy, metadata and search expert, Seth Earley, CEO of Earley & Associates. Recognized as experts with 18 years of best practice development in content management and search optimization, this course teaches you the proven methodologies and techniques developed by Earley & Associates. You will gain fluency in consulting approaches for deriving user requirements, translating those into a vision of a solution and creating the information management components in SharePoint. The course is unique in the level of attention given to content type definition, taxonomy, and metadata.

August 29 - 31 (San Diego): CloudOpen San Diego 2012

CloudOpen is a conference celebrating and exploring the open source projects, technologies and companies who make up the cloud. It’s built on a belief that open works: for users, for industry and for technology. CloudOpen brings together the open source projects, products and companies that are driving the cloud and big data ecosystems today, along with best practices from the world of traditional open source. This conference is about the future of computing and how users should ensure that their cloud solutions — technologies, data, and APIs — are truly open.

August 30 (Basel): NoSQL Roadshow Basel 2012

The title of the Roadshow is “NoSQL and Highly Scalable Systems - The Theory, The Practice and the Case Studies” and will be presented by Matt Aslett, Pavlo Baron, Marcus Kern, David Dawson, Ian Plosker, Patrick Baumgartner, Christian Gügi, Jean-Pierre Koenig and Joern Larsen. Facing the needs of our participants we have broadened our programme: beside subjects around RIAK we will have some talks about Hadoop and MongoDB! Moreover, some of our speakers update and enrich their presentations: Patrick Baumgartner is going to focus on spring data and Neo4j, Pavlo Baron will introduce the Dynamo concepts and also explain them in technical depth. Whole event will give you the broad view of NoSQL scene.

September Events

September 3 - 7 (Sao Paulo): Agile Brazil 2012

Agile Brazil is the most relevant conference regarding Agile Development Methodologies in Brazil. This is a nonprofit conference made by agile specialists from all regions of Brazil, sharing the same goal: foster and spread Agile culture all over Brazil. Agile Brazil 2012 will feature many activities that comprises the event’s rich content. The first two days will be dedicated to courses offered with special costs, below the market price. The other three days will bring a diverse program with talks, tutorials, workshops, and lightning talks selected among the best submissions made by the community along with some invited speakers.

September 4 - 6 (Dublin): OWASP AppSec Ireland 2012

The OWASP AppSec Ireland Conference will be held at Trinity College Dublin (map) from September 4th through 6th 2012. There will be training courses on September 4th and 5th followed by plenary sessions on the 6th. This conference, in its 4th consecutive year, is a premier gathering for Information Security leaders, executives from Fortune 500 firms along with technical thought leaders, security architects and lead developers to share cutting-edge ideas, initiatives and technology advancements. OWASP events attract a worldwide audience interested in “what’s next”.

September 4 - 6 (Columbus): Content Marketing World Columbus 2012

Content Marketing World is the one event where you can learn and network with the best and the brightest in the content marketing industry. Content Marketing World is the largest gathering of content marketing professionals in the world. OUR 2011 EVENT brought together over 600 marketing professionals from 18 different countries. You will leave with all the materials you need to take a content strategy back to your team – and – implement a content marketing plan that will grow your business and engage your audience.

September 5 - 8 (Croatia): eZ Publish Summer Camp Croatia 2012

eZ Publish Summer Camp is a learn & fun event: learning eZ Publish CMS and having fun on the Croatian island of Brac. What you get? 3 days of eZ experience, 1 track for eZ beginners, 2 tracks for eZ experienced devs, Face-time with eZ Publish Skippers, eZ Publish 4.7 Certification, Boat trip.

September 6 (Singapore): Forrester's CIO Summit APAC -- Singapore 2012

As a CIO today, you are expected to be not just a technology leader but also a business leader. Many of you are tasked with finding emerging business opportunities, driving growth, encouraging innovation, and engaging the customers. This provides a tremendous opportunity for you to step up and co-create and ultimately shape the future business vision. Collaborating with the business will not be enough — you don't just provide the technology but jointly own the success and failure of business initiatives. Forrester's CIO Summit 2012 will help you understand this new paradigm and overcome the challenges in transitioning to this new role.

September 9 - 12 (Denver): 360|iDev Denver 2012

360|iDev is the first and still the best iPhone developer conference in the world. We’re not a publishing company pushing books, or a media company selling subscriptions. We’re a conference company, focused on community. Our goal is to bring the best and brightest in the developer community together for 3 days of incredible sessions, awesome parties, good times, and learning. If you don’t leave Wednesday night, with more ideas than you know what to do with, we’re not doing our jobs!

September 10 - 12 (Monterey): Best Practices Conference California 2012

Best Practices is the premier annual conference for managers of information development, training, and support. From your colleagues, learn about the best ideas and innovations in the industry. Discover how managers in organizations like yours are pursuing scenario-focused information architecture and delivery of content to mobile devices, transforming publications organizations from product- to customer-focused, communicating effectively with project stakeholders about our new methods, and considering the challenge of measuring actions and results.

September 10 - 12 (Hong Kong): SES Hong Kong 2012

SES Hong Kong 2012 will be packed with sessions covering PPC management, keyword research, SEO, social media, local, mobile, link building, duplicate content, multiple site issues, video optimization and usability, plus networking events, parties and more. We take the entire digital marketing spectrum and wrap an agenda around it aimed at helping marketers do their jobs better and stimulate business growth. The industry is changing and practitioners need to become multi-skilled to manage the convergence of search, social, display, email and the analytics and optimization techniques that go with it.

September 10 - 13 (California): X Change Web Analytics Conference California 2012

X Change is the premier conference for Web analytics professionals. With its groundbreaking “all conversational” small group format, impressive level of sophistication among the attendees, and fantastic accommodations and events, X Change Conference has forged a fresher approach to the digital measurement conference. Expressly designed for enterprise analytics managers and digital marketing and measurement practitioners, X Change brings together top professionals in the field in a no-sales, all business, peer-to-peer environment for deep-dives into cutting edge online measurement topics.

September 10 - 13 (Chicago): Cloud Connect Chicago 2012

After three years of phenomenal growth in Silicon Valley, Cloud Connect is expanding to the Windy City. Join 1,200+ IT professionals, developers, cloud influencers and key executives for four days of inspiring cloud dialogue as we rewrite the rules to take advantage of the cloud opportunity.

September 11 (San Francisco): Mobile 2.0 Conference San Francisco 2012

A day of interactive panels and workshops, we will highlight the latest trends in mobile payment, UI/ UX Design, Privacy, Security, Monetization and Advertising. We will hold a morning plenary session with a series of panel conversations, followed by interactive workshops in the Afternoon.

September 11 - 12 (Chicago): Social Pulse Summit Chicago 2012

Join us at our 2nd Social Pulse Summit and discuss how companies can use Social Media and its many users to build brand loyalty, resolve customer complaints, and conduct market research at low cost. These strategies as discussed by industry leaders will give insight on creating metrics to track social media productivity in actual gained revenue using certain innovative software technologies that can both manage viral customer feedback and monitor employee usage to ensure the right message is getting out to consumers and without leaking valuable internal information.

September 11 - 13 (San Francisco): Intel Developer Forum San Francisco 2012

The Intel Developer Forum (IDF) is where people from every part of the technology industry gather to hear about Intel’s latest advances. The conference provides a rare chance to engage and learn about Intel products across the entire compute continuum.

September 11 - 14 (London): International Conference on Design and Emotion London 2012

For a number of years, uncertainty, crisis and chaos have been keywords describing the experience of many of us. A world driven by uncertainty, crisis and chaos demands different responses from design (as a community, a practice and a process). On one hand we can mitigate against these designing systems which can withstand, or manage, the challenges they produce. Here there is a focus upon design as a “problem-solving” activity. On the other, we can use them as springboards to a creative future. In this way, design as “opportunity mapping” becomes important.

September 12 - 13 (Oslo): JavaZone Oslo 2012

JavaZone is the biggest meeting place for software developers in Scandinavia, and one of Europe's most important. JavaZone has been described as a high quality, independent conference - a leading forum for knowledge exchange for IT-professionals.  Over the two conference days, we deliver more than 200,000 hours of expertise. In addition, many informal discussions take place at stands and between attendees. Altogether, JavaZone stands out as a tremendous arena for knowledge transfer.

September 13 (Seattle): SharePoint Intelligence Conference Seattle 2012

Invest just one day in the SharePoint Intelligence Technology Conference and learn everything you need to know to start something bigger. Our keynote and breakout sessions are designed to highlight case-studies where forward-thinking users are getting the technology to work and changing the culture in their organizations. Take advantage of all The Intelligence Conference has to offer in the 1-day conference program, plus the expo opportunities and you'll leave equipped with the knowledge, skills, cutting-edge trends and best practices you need to fulfill your mission.

September 13 (Chicago): DAM Chicago 2012

Following the success of previous DAM events, Henry Stewart returns to Chicago for the fifth year running. ‘The Art and Practice of Managing Digital Media’ – all from the users’ perspective - is designed to help you keep up with the best of new developments in DAM. Assets have value – and exploiting this value is the purpose of our day long conference. Assets help you prosper when they are well managed. Through our keynote presentations, case studies and panels, you’ll get a state-of-the-art understanding of both the “why” and the “how” of digital asset management – all from the point of view of DAM managers and users.

September 13 - 14 (Boston): Big Data Innovation Boston 2012

The Big Data Innovation Summit brings together business leaders and innovators from the industry for an event acclaimed for its interactive format; combining keynote presentations, interactive breakout sessions and open discussion. Big Data Innovation will help your business understand & utilize data-driven strategies and discover what disciplines will change because of the advent of data. With a vast amount of data now available, modern businesses are faced with the challenge of storage, management, analysis, visualization, security and disruptive tools & technologies.

September 13 - 14 (Boston): Social Media & Web Analytics Innovation Boston 2012

The Social Media & Web Analytics Innovation Summit brings the leadership and innovators from the industry together for an event acclaimed for its interactive format, combining keynote presentations, interactive breakout sessions and open discussion. Modern businesses are now able to collect more information on customer sentiment and behavioural patterns than ever before, the challenge remains to identify patterns to increase CRM and drive success. Investment in predictive analytics allows organizations to gain insight for such a valuable resource, offering a crucial advantage over competitors and greater insight into their customers.

September 17 - 18 (Denver): Kentico Connection Denver 2012

Kentico Connection is THE conference for partners, businesses, marketers and developers who want to easily leverage the latest technologies with Kentico, the enterprise solutions accessible to all. The event you can’t afford to miss, packed with valuable information that you can apply to your work immediately. Kentico Connection is our opportunity to enlighten, engage and empower them at this informal gathering where we can all put faces to emails, and unite in our drive for success.

September 17 - 19 (Germany): Smashing Conference Germany 2012

The first Smashing Conference is a three-day event for Web designers and Web developers, to be held on the outskirts of the Black Forest in the sunny city of Freiburg, Germany. We have invited outstanding, inspiring speakers, and we look forward to a day full of stimulating, intense expert workshops. Days one and two are dedicated to high-quality talks by some of the most well-respected experts in today's Web industry, giving you the chance to get up close and personal.

September 17 - 19 (Chicago): SMB Digital Marketing Chicago 2012

BIA/Kelsey estimates there are some 20 million small businesses in the United States alone. By far, small business represents the biggest opportunity for the next generation of digital marketing solutions. The leading edge of small business marketing innovation will be on full display at SMB Digital Marketing 2012, Sept. 17-19 in CHICAGO – the latest and greatest edition of BIA/Kelsey SMB-focused events that have led the industry since 1986.

September 17 - 19 (Dallas): The Big Social Dallas 2012

The Big Social is a three-day worldwide gathering where Telligent’s customers, partners, social industry professional, friends and enthusiasts will be able to share insights, ideas and community solutions. Over the course of the three days, dozens of Telligent customers share first-hand the impact implementing an online community has had at their respective organizations. The learning was so impactful during last year’s user conference that 100% of surveyed customers noted that they would recommend this event to their peers.

September 17 - 20 (Boston): DESIGN East Boston 2012

The East Coast's Most Comprehensive Event for Engineers & Designers. Explore the latest developments & trends in engineering, build knowledge and new skills, network with peers and technical experts, discover cutting-edge products & technologies, and find solutions to your biggest design challenges. DESIGN East brings all the latest practical design insights, techniques and products across a range of application and technology areas to one place, at one time – it’s the most powerful, efficient and cost-effective way for you to update your knowledge, skills and list of products/technologies to consider for current and future projects.

September 18 (London): OMMA Mobile Europe London 2012

This conference is designed for content producers, brand marketers, and agency professionals to learn about the latest trends in mobile marketing. The top mobile marketing executives, agency executives, and media decision makers will share their experiences, insights, research, big ideas, and predictions on the future of mobile marketing. The conference will include keynotes, research presentations, and case studies- all covering and evaluating emerging mobile solutions.

September 18 (Boston): Social Media Strategies Summit for Non-Profits Boston 2012

SMSS for Non-Profits includes two dedicated tracks: “Social Media Tools & Platforms” and “Social Media Strategies & Tactics”, with informative presentations and case studies from leading experts in the non-profit industry. Whether you are looking to learn more detail about applications on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, or learn about successful strategies for utilizing social media for volunteer recruitment and campaign optimization, SMSS for Non-Profits was designed with your non-profit organization in mind.

September 18 - 20 (Las Vegas): Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit North America 2012

The Hosting and Cloud Transformation Summit North America (HCTS NA) is the premier forum for executives in the hosting, cloud computing, datacenter and Internet infrastructure sectors. Corporate leaders, industry visionaries, practitioners, financial professionals and end users come together to learn, network and map out strategies for today's rapidly changing marketplace. The program at the Summit provides a complete overview of the opportunities and challenges facing the hosting and cloud industries in a power-packed three-day format.

September 18 - 20 (London): The Green Data Centre Conference & Exhibition London 2012

The Green Data Centre Conference and Exhibition, coming up on its 2nd international installment has quickly become the most comprehensive event of its kind. “Greening” your facility through innovative design, building and operational techniques is a process, and the first step of this process is education. GDCON offers data centre managers and engineers the most complete and applicable solutions needed for todays ever-changing data centre environment.

September 18 - 21 (San Francisco): Dreamforce San Francisco 2012

One of the main reasons business and IT professionals flock to Dreamforce is to meet the leaders in cloud computing face to face. Where else but at Dreamforce can you evaluate more than 350 cloud computing companies showcasing more than 1,000 solutions that can be easily integrated with Salesforce. There all here, under one roof, and ready to put on a show. Over 650 transformative sessions. Everything you need to know and more about the power of the cloud and becoming a social enterprise will be covered.

September 19 (Reading): Office 365 Seminar Reading 2012

This seminar will give you an introduction to Microsoft's Cloud solution with Office 365. It is designed to ensure customers have the information they need to make their transition to the Cloud and get the most from Office 365's significant new capabilities.  Whether you’re a large enterprise, a government agency, or a small start-up, Office 365 introduces a variety of new packages designed to meet the unique IT needs of organisations of all sizes. We look forward to helping your organisation discover how Office 365 can reduce costs and provide greater value.

September 19 - 20 (London): Big Data World Europe London 2012

Big Data World will prepare senior marketing and IT executives with the strategies, intelligence and technology they need to handle Big Data effectively through a combination of strategic keynotes and technical ‘how to’ case studies, running alongside a large scale exhibition. It's 2 days packed with best practice, the latest research, and the most innovative case studies!

September 19 - 20 (Boston): Mobile Marketing Strategies Summit Boston 2012

Organizations can reach and interact with current and potential consumers around the clock. Learn how to do this successfully at MMSS. MMSS is the mobile event of 2012, including compelling case studies, interactive workshops and innovative presentations that will help you: measure and understand mobile ROI, craft a strategic approach to mobile, define mobile marketing for your organization and discover what other top name brands are doing within the mobile space.

September 19 - 20 (New York): Cloud Computing World Forum North America 2012

Europe's leading Cloud Computing event arrives in North America. The only place to discuss the latest cloud topics, including SaaS, security, mobile, virtualization, CRM, Big Data and much more. Taking place on the 19th and 20th September 2012 in New York, the Cloud Computing World Forum North America brings together some of the IT industry’s biggest players to discuss cloud computing and do business together.

September 19 - 20 (London): ad:tech London 2012

The ad:tech conference programme provides you with the chance to indulge in some much-needed strategic thinking: assess what others have been doing, analyse what’s happening in the market, and plan what you can do in your organisation. We’ve aggregated sessions on the most critical issues for this year including: online branding, data insights, making social media work, creative e-commerce, strategic mobile marketing & advertising, innovative video advertising formats.

September 19 - 20 (Atlanta): CEM Summit Atlanta 2012

This Summit was created to help B2B and B2C marketers address these tough challenges. Renowned thought leaders from companies such as Symantec, Intuit, Coca-Cola and the Direct Marketing Association will share breakthrough strategies, case studies, and best practices to help you achieve Customer Experience Marketing success. The Summit offers a variety of learning environments such as informative sessions, expert panels, roundtable discussions, and networking events.

September 19 - 21 (New York): SharePoint Information Architecture Training New York 2012

A three day SharePoint Information Architecture workshop lead by taxonomy, metadata and search expert, Seth Earley, CEO of Earley & Associates. Recognized as experts with 18 years of best practice development in content management and search optimization, this course teaches you the proven methodologies and techniques developed by Earley & Associates. You will gain fluency in consulting approaches for deriving user requirements, translating those into a vision of a solution and creating the information management components in SharePoint. The course is unique in the level of attention given to content type definition, taxonomy, and metadata.

September 20 - 21 (San Francisco): GigaOM Mobilize San Francisco 2012

GigaOM’s Mobilize conference will explore the technical and business opportunities spurred by the proliferation of connected devices, apps and the way it shapes the way we work, play and live. Learn how people and enterprises need to think as we enter a mobile first world.

September 23 - 25 (Chicago): ARMA International Conference and Expo Chicago 2012

ARMA 2012 will be held September 23-25 in Chicago at the McCormick Place Book your trip now and enjoy the excitement of Chicago and the comfort of our partnering hotels, the Hilton Chicago and the Palmer House, just steps from Lake Michigan, Millennium Park and the famed Magnificent Mile, not to mention some of the best shopping and dining Chicago has to offer. With more than 70 education sessions, limitless face-to-face networking opportunities and the fun you’ve come to expect from ARMA’s Annual Conference and Expo, you’ll find all the tools you need, including leading-edge education from top thought leaders, and best practices, tactics, and technologies.

September 25 - 26 (Berlin): IT Transformation Berlin 2012

It this Pan-European forum you will learn from practice examples how to ensure that transformational programs are managed to achieve business value and not only technical delivery. How IT Transformation can be a vital shift, working in conjunction, from current state to a lower-cost, business-oriented model for IT operations, Business and IT Innovation. Achieving a true collaboration between business and IT meeting group strategies and change corporate IT into an agile organisation.

September 25 - 26 (San Francisco): Social Media Strategies Summit San Francisco 2012

Social Media Strategies Conference - San Francisco is a two-day event comprised of workshops, case studies, a variety of presentations and an abundance of networking opportunities. Unlike traditional conferences, Social Media Strategies Conference reveals the many secrets behind building, managing and growing successful social media platforms and strategies. We are thrilled to bring Social Media Strategies Conference back to San Francisco as it is a hub for social media marketing!

September 25 - 27 (Chicago): SharePoint Fest Chicago 2012

Attend SharePoint Fest - Chicago, where you’ll be able to attend technical classes and seminars – taught by Microsoft Certified Trainers, Microsoft engineers and Microsoft MVPs – covering Enterprise Content Management, Infrastructure/Administration, Composites (Workflow), Search, Business Intelligence, & Development. At SharePoint Fest - Chicago there are sessions created for SharePoint administrators, software developers, information architects and knowledge workers which will ensure that you and your team walk away with as much knowledge as you desire to truly leverage SharePoint in your current environment!

September 26 (San Antonio): 3rd Annual San Antonio IT Symposium 2012

This Symposium provides a tremendous opportunity for our region's IT community to gather and explore new ways to maintain our competitive advantage in a global economy. The ability to receive information on opportunities and challenges facing all of us and to capture actionable information from peers that we can apply to our own challenges makes this event rewarding and productive.

September 27 - 28 (New York): Createasphere Digital Asset Management Conference New York 2012

Createasphere’s Digital Asset Management Conference in New York explores the management of digital assets, media assets, marketing resources, content & information lifecycle, and storage, security & preservation across advertising, broadcasting, entertainment, publishing, and retail. Take part in two days of focused sessions for professional creatives, marketers, digital librarians, IT professionals, and executives.

September 27 - 28 (Toronto): SCREENS Toronto 2012

SCREENS is dedicated to covering development for mobile devices and operating systems. Consumers are increasingly using mobile devices to access websites and applications, and companies are taking notice. Through two days of presentations, demonstrations and panel discussions, as well as an optional day of workshops, SCREENS will give you the know how to address client needs (and demands!) as we move forward into the mobile future.

September 27 - 28 (Maryland): Surge Conference Maryland 2012

Surge is a gathering of the best minds in the Web, together for two days of mind-blowing practitioner-oriented sessions presented by some of the most established practitioners in our field.

September 27 - 28 (Berlin): Web & Portal Collaboration Reloaded Berlin 2012

By popular demand, we.CONECT is bringing an international audience of intranet, web, collaboration, social media and portal managers from all over the world to Berlin, to network, share knowledge and be made aware of the key developments within the industry. With over 80 of the leading opinion makers, Web & Portal Collaboration Reloaded Europe is the definitive event for collaboration managers all over Europe!

September 28 - 30 (Virginia): Ruby DCamp 2012

A free unconference to code, share, learn, and improve Ruby. 3 days and nights of Rubyists in the same place is the whole point of the event. Stay overnight Friday and Saturday! Out-of-towners are welcome to arrive Thursday afternoon/evening and depart Monday morning if it makes their travel more convenient. Friday is reserved for a code retreat and Saturday & Sunday will be devoted to Open Spaces.

September 28 - 30 (Ohio): Ohio LinuxFest 2012

The Ohio LinuxFest is a grassroots conference for the GNU/Linux/Open Source Software/Free Software community that started in 2003 as a large inter-LUG meeting and has grown steadily since. It is a place for the community to gather and share information about Linux and Open Source Software. A large expo area adjacent to the conference rooms will feature exhibits from our sponsors as well as a large .org section from non-profit Open Source/Free Software projects.

September 29 - 30 (San Francisco): MySQL Connect San Francisco 2012

Learn, share, and network with the MySQL community in a conference jam-packed with technical sessions, hands-on labs, birds-of-a-feather sessions, exhibits, demos and networking events. Located at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square, the MySQL Connect conference will be delivered by Oracle engineers, MySQL community members, users, and customers. Oracle is leading MySQL innovation and delivering numerous exciting new product features to the MySQL community. At MySQL Connect, learn how to leverage those new features, hear the latest on product roadmaps, and get all your questions answered by the Oracle engineers developing and supporting MySQL products.

September 30 - October 2 (Washington DC): BBCon Washington DC 2012

Discover new ways to be your best at the Blackbaud Conference for Nonprofits in Washington, D.C.! Whether you need to develop your professional career, make lasting connections with industry experts and peers, or improve how you use technology, bbcon 2012 is the place to discover new ways to be your best.

September 30 - October 4 (San Francisco): Oracle OpenWorld San Francisco 2012

Oracle OpenWorld presents the world's largest, most in-depth selection of sessions by Oracle experts, customers, and partners over a course of five days. Whether you are a seasoned developer or DBA, a novice technologist, or a line-of-business manager or executive, you'll find how-tos, best-practice sessions, overviews, and customer panels targeted to your job role and level of expertise at Oracle OpenWorld 2012.

September 30 - October 4 (San Francisco): JavaOne San Francisco 2012

The JavaOne conference brings together Java experts and enthusiasts for an extraordinary week of learning and networking focused entirely on all things Java. With more than 400 sessions covering topics that span the breadth of the Java universe, keynotes from foremost Java visionaries, and expert-led hands-on learning opportunities, JavaOne is the world's most important event for the Java community. By registering for JavaOne San Francisco, you join the community of Java technologists dedicated to expanding their Java skills and moving the #1 development platform forward.

September 30 - October 4 (Boston): Predictive Analytics World Boston 2012

Predictive Analytics World is the business event for predictive analytics professionals, managers and commercial practitioners, covering today's commercial deployment of predictive analytics, across industries and across software vendors. Predictive Analytics World is the only conference of its kind, delivering vendor-neutral sessions across verticals such as banking, financial services, e-commerce, education, government, healthcare, high technology, insurance, non-profits, publishing, social gaming, retail and telecommunications.

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