Vasont ST (news, site) launches this week with new mobile-focused features for the XML-based content management system.

For the Bigger Publisher

Vasont has a long history of enabling enterprises to better create and leverage the volumes of multilingual content to electronic, Web, print and, increasingly, mobile formats. The new update of its cross-media CMS releases this week with a raft of new features to enable smarter working.

Going onsale on Friday, April 15 in both server and SaaS forms, Vasont ST crams in a host of new features, including tools to help manage synchronized publishing times/dates, clever management of words and terminology to help maintain corporate style and consistency plus modular content to allow smart management and reuse of existing data.

If that wasn't enough, throw in the latest DITA 1.2 standard, improved troubleshooting and an improved interface and you have a product that could help enterprises manage their documentation more effeciently. Larger enterprises with multiple document archives and live web content can use Vasont ST to manage both long and short editorial cycles, whatever is being published.

Project, Data Management

The multi-channel publishing system makes use of its existing document branch capabilities to help coordinators release multiple versions of documents, either across the world or in different territories, at the same time, or just to release at the "right" time.

Learning Opportunities

Modular content management has been refined to allows detailed information about a piece of content to be accessed and tweaked, an ideal feature for DITA-obsessed users. Speaking of which, the latest edition of DITA, version 1.2, is added to the spec, which allows for improved data mapping, content reuse and modularity.

For those who have to monitor the workflow of publishing projects across an enterprise, Vasont now allows more effective tracking for problems or issues that may delay publishing. And, for those where there is lots of translation work, Vasont ST can send sections of content for translation at a more granular level, saving on associated costs.

All of that adds up for further ways in which Vasont users, new or existing, can save money and time in the production process and get their corporate content out in all the required formats, at the right time.