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Fast on the news that Oracle plans to acquire BEA Systems for a reported US$ 6.7 billion -- and on BEA's rapid refusal for so paltry a sum -- CEO Michael Moppert of Day released the following statement: "BEA, as a leader in middleware, makes it the perfect target by a company of Oracle's pedigree. When combined, these two entities will provide customers with a complete stack, from applications all the way down to the lower levels of technology infrastructure. "This acquisition will solidify and add relevance to Day Software's OEM relationships with both Oracle and BEA." Day has plenty of reason to feel personally involved in the M&A drama. The company is the enterprise source for JSR 170 and JSR 283, the current and pending standards for content repositories, respectively. Oracle and BEA share leadership roles on the executive committee for the standard. Day and BEA also have a bit of history in the enterprise content repository field.